I am always up for being someone’s wingwoman.  On Thursday, Shari and I went to Bar Louie. She picked out a cute guy and I made it happen. I went over to the group, made friends and brought her into the group.

Once I broke into the group, she went down and talked to the cute boy and I joined her after 10 minutes.

I think partially because I am definitely not looking for anyone to commit, I make the best wingwoman ever because I don’t care.  I’ll do whatever.

To be a wingwoman, you sometimes have to be thrown into the wolves.  For Shari, I totally got mauled by one of the party members while she hit it off with her new man.  He kept asking for a kiss…Um…I am so not that type of person, so I ran across to the other side of the bar, but I came back for her after a few minutes.

5 Wingwoman Rules

  • Scope out the situation and see if he is single
  • Be extremely talkative and know how to network
  • Distract the other people to let your friend talk to her possible boo
  • Plan on being there late if the set-up goes well
  • Know when to leave…Always leave men wanting more. You never lay all your cards on the table.

*I think I should start charging for the service, but I told Shari it will always be free for her.

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