IMG_20140312_064121Marice and I were doing happy hour together a few weeks ago and I saw a Marilyn Monroe statute I wanted to take a picture with.   I ask this guy to take a picture; here is how the conversation went:

Me:      Can you take a picture of us with Marilyn?
Guy:     Sure, but it’ll cost you $10
Me:      Wait, what?
Guy:     Yeah.
Me:      Are you serious?  Marice?  Is he serious?  Give me my phone back.
Guy’s Friend:   No, he’s just messing with you.

I don’t know if Marice has ever seen me so upset. I don’t get upset easily, but one is when I don’t get a good picture.  So the guy takes two pictures for us and I take a look.

Me:      These turned out well.
Guy:     You owe me $15.
Me:      Well, too bad I already have my phone back.

IMG_20140312_064012I guess he was still trying to negotiate because after I walked out, Marice asked if I heard what he said. I said nope. She said, after I took the phone, he said, it’s ok, your smile is enough to call it even.

She just shakes her head at the situation and does not know what to do with me anymore.  But she still has to LOVE me as much as I love her.

I just shrug.


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