I’ve always had a ying and yang type of luck.  Something bad happens one day and then something good happens the next to even it out.  And this is specifically true for money related issue, for example, if I got a surprise bonus of $1000, in a few weeks something will happen to my car or an unexpected medical expense.  I never lose and I never win, it’s just status quo.

But one thing I have always had luck with is having a fantastic group of best friends and an amazing family to support me.  People have always asked how I have so many best friends, most people might have one and a few good friends.  I am blessed with more than I can count.13592687_10153982932004807_589914549684655683_n

What’s the secret of having so many good friends? It is to be a good friend back to them.  Wait, that’s it?  While you may think it’s easy, being a fun friend or acquaintance is much different than being a best friend.

Best friends are there through every trivial and big moment in your life, every heart-ache, health issue, family emergencies, and life crisis.  Best friends share every happy moment as well as the days where you can’t stop crying rivers.13692703_10154016793179807_2528468270553379321_n

As you think of your list of best friends, there are 10 basic things that you should be able to fulfill for them.  If you can’t keep these simple promises, then you cannot really be a best friend because friendship isn’t about when life goes smoothly.

  1. I promise to always answer you.  You know my schedule as well as I know yours, so if I can’t call you back because I’m in meetings, I’ll text you.  If it’s an emergency, say it and I’ll drop everything to give you a call. I’m always hear for you to vent from the smallest complaint about how they were out of your favorite chips at the grocery store to receiving bad news at the doctor.  No matter what it may be, I’ll be here to listen, to laugh with you, or cry with you.
  2. If your car breaks down or you are stranded somewhere, I’ll pick you up, even at 3 AM.
  3. I will be your emergency contact, which means my phone needs to be on 24/7.
  4. When you go through a tragedy in your life, I’ll be there, no matter where I am in the world.
  5. Before you find Mr. Right, there are plenty of heart-ache to go around. When that jerk-face breaks your heart, I’ll listen for hours on the phone figuring out what went wrong, tell you that it’s his lost, you are amazing, and take you out for a night on the town.  We will do a Sex and the City marathon with face masks and ice cream.  And if I ever see him in public, I’ll kick him and like Charlotte in Sex and the City, curse the day he was born for breaking your heart.
  6. When you ask me for my opinion, I’ll tell you the truth even if hurts.  It doesn’t do anything for a friendship if you lie.
  7. We all have moments where we feel lost, broken, or even alone.  I’ll be there to listen to you, give advice, get you out of bed and help you become a functional human being again.  I’ll give you a few days to be down, but then I’ll kick your butt and tell you that you are better than this.
  8. No matter what you do.  I will never judge you even if that means you wore a onesie out in public.
  9. I will love you for all your quirks, flaws, and embarrassing moments that we have through life.  I’ll have plenty of my own as well.
  10. If someone does something horrible to you.  They are dead to me too.13782181_10154016793639807_9025218149835649416_n13606746_10153988305439807_5971871515671601012_n

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