For those who know me…I am a dork. I am a total nerd, but a nerd that loves to live life. One of my besties…Alyssa who has a PHD in therapy says I am a total contradiction. I have a b type personality where I am super social and flexible, but I am an a type when it comes to getting work, errands, and other things done.

My theory is that life is short. You do not know if you have tomorrow…with that said do whatever you have always wanted to do.

I have made a list of 100 things to do before I die and places to see. I have made it a goal to do everything in the next 2 years and see everything in the next 5. Unfortunately…you have to have money to travel,which means you have to work.

This all started when I found my list of 100 things to do from high school. I wrote it after a Walk to Remember came out…that movie apparently had quite an effect on me.

I revised my old list because some of the things were ridiculous like invent a new medicine when I was going on the medical route…publish my own magazine to empower women. First, I am not that talented in writing. Secondly, magazines are a dying breed. Another one was to be married by 23 because it was such a norm in Utah to get married young, honestly, I think 27 or 28 is more reasonable these days.

I redid my list to include more realistic ones like ride a segway, visit London, ride the giant ferries wheel, and swim with the dolphins. Also duh… every person has to have trapeze lessons.

I have also secretly planned a list of 100 things to do before my for my parents too. Basically, now I book their flights and make them go places.  send them an email to take the time off. Hahaha…I am sure they love it. They worked so hard to provide me the life that I can enjoy, but when they were my age…they were worried about escaping the war, surviving in a new country, and going to school. Then I accidentally surprised them with my presence.

I hope that all of you will take sometime to make your list too and share what you have done.

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