12 Signs that You Are Asian

My co-workers since my days back in Zions Bank has made fun of me for being SO Asian, which is sad because I’m not.

As I am making more and more Asian friends, I realized, I sort of am more Asian than I thought. My friends always ask if the stereotypes are true, sort of in my case.

1. Look like you are 18. Don’t be jealous…we have amazing genes.
2. Amazing hair. My co-workers had a “girls” only lunch and someone said my hair was so beautiful. I did the hair flip and said it’s Pantene Pro-V. Mian turned to me and said, sorry to break it to you honey but I think it’s because you are Asian.
3. Take amazing jumping pictures. My twin and I have watched others try to take jumping pictures and failed. We can get an amazing jumping picture in 2 tries. Why is that? It’s in our genes. I may not be able to jump to get away from a robber, but I can jump for a great picture anytime a camera is around.
4. Have a knick-knack hanging on your rear view mirror. Mine is a Persian Evil Eye to protect me.
5. Sing karaoke. Sign me up any time of the day. I will sing some Miley any day. My favorite is Party in the USA.
6. Negotiate on price. Absolutely, I can’t pass up on a good deal and no, I do not pay full-price.
7. Love coupons. Yes! I coupon all the time and stacking coupons makes me even happier. Check out my couponing experience here.
8. Shower at night. My entire family does, but then all my friends said it was weird, they shower in the morning.
9. Piano in the living room. I was the best piano player out of our family and I stopped playing a while ago. We still have it with all my books including My Heart will Go On.
10. Measure rice with your middle finger. I don’t know how to make rice like other people. I only know the way my dad taught me. Wash it with cold water many times, then measure the water up with your middle finger and press the cook button on the rice maker. Making rice in a pot is a bizarre concept for me.
11. Use chopsticks for everything. I thought everyone did this until Amber and Michelle came over to my house to make cookies and I was using it to stir cookie dough. They asked where my mixer was, I said chopsticks. They looked at me like I was an alien. They said, what else do you use chopsticks for? I said to reach tall things, to beat eggs, to stir food, to grab things that fell in between the couch, and to eat with. They were speechless and Amber bought me a mixer for Christmas one year.
12. Fight over who pays the bill. Cindy and I go through this each time we meet up. You want to treat your friends as family, so it’s always a battle.

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