1501843_10151954618694807_1699397504_nI cannot believe I’m admitting this, but I officially enter my late 20’s this week. Let’s face it, its downhill from here since I’ll be hitting 30 soon.  2013 kicked my behind with a storm of life changing events, but onto 2014, a better year, fresh start, and new chapters to turn. I cannot wait.

I know a few of you will hit me for saying that, but I guess they say 30 is the new 20?  I don’t know if I believe it because I cannot go out as much as I used to and I definitely do not have as much energy as I did when I was younger.

But it’s a part of life I have to face. So as I reflect back in life. I found that my complete perception in life has changed.

  1. Mom is right. Seriously, now I know everything I used to disregard from my mom as right and that her advice was just being so overly protective. Nope, I wish I listened to her advice to use sunscreen when I was much younger. I wish I listened to her tell me to save my money at a younger age, etc…
  2. Family is everything.  You realized how precious your family is, which is why I text them non-stop.
  3. Life is a gift.  OMG…after my accident, I am definitely on a much more YOLO kick than before. You never know when your time is up.
  4. Friends become family.  All my friends are basically family.   I never thought that when I was younger, but those friends who used to just be acquaintances become family as they go through all the obstacles with you. You all know who you are.
  5. Money comes and goes. As long as you have your friends, family, a roof over your head, and your health, money comes and goes. There are times in your life when something happens, an accident, a health issue, car problems, etc… that you end up having to take care of instead of going on that dream trip. Don’t stress, you can always earn money, you can’t pay for moments with people or good health.  Or as my dad says, you can’t take money to the grave.
  6. Being financially smart is smart, but boring.  If I could go back…I would not spend that much money on clothes. Kim and I used to buy ridiculous amounts of clothes that we gave away with tags still on it. Seriously, now I say…eh I’ll pass, I’d rather invest that in my 401K.  I told my mom, I should have told her when I was 5 to put her money in a college savings plan instead of buying me toys. She looked at me and said…really?  I said yes.
  7. Make a difference.  I have to say, even when bad things happen in your life, other people are having much worst of a time. I used to volunteer all the time in Utah, but have had less time in VA, but I have to start again because it is so important to give back and remember that whatever happens, you are so much better off than many people.
  8. Pictures and videos are priceless.  Take as many pictures as you can!
  9. Ugh…what time will I be home?  I used to go out all the time, now if it’s past midnight; I dread going out versus sitting at home curled in a blanket.
  10. You say, I remember when.  When I talk to my friends, it makes me feel so old when I say, remember when we were in high school or remember when boy bands were amazing and you wanted to marry Justin Timberlake?
  11. Live in the moment.  Not having a plan may be the best plan. I have learned to stop putting things on my calendar.
  12. Party trick and dance moves.  As you get older, you go to so many parties. You definitely need a party trick and a dance move. I still have to master the party trick, but I’ve got my dance move. Watch out Usher, my move is better than yours.
  13. Everything DOES happen for a reason.   Over the past few years, each obstacle that you feel set you back, eventually when you look back there was a reason it happened. It happened for better things to come in your life.  When I was younger, I used to say whatever, but now I really believe in that saying.
  14. Getting carded is the best compliment.  I love when I walk anywhere and they ID me. I feel so young when that happens, like I’m 18 again.
  15. I found a white hair!  White hairs to me create a panic attack for me.  My mother said, I have a bunch…But she is also much older than me.
  16. Ma’am?  Excuse me young man?  I hate getting called ma’am. When this happens, I automatically look over to my friend and say seriously?  Do I look that old?  I cannot believe I just got called ma’am.

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  1. I LOVE this twin!! We are so much alike. I CRINGE when I get called ma’am. It’s like, HELLO. Call me miss dummy! And oh how I regret all the times I was a brat to my Mother. I’m going to pay for that in the future. TWO WEEKS TWIN!

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