10174862_728021113941257_1034729538_nI swear my group of girlfriends is exactly like Sex and the City, especially my #SSEB group. We talk about everything from work issues, clothes, make-up tips, latest television show, and dating stories.

Whether single, taken, married, or someone who is a self-claimed bachelorette like Samantha in Sex and the City, a large topic is men and I can only count the amount of hours listening to ridiculous dating stories where you just say at the end…really? Or trying to decipher what someone is saying through tears after a break-up or finding that your crush is dating someone else.

1239745_729487137127988_121115444_nBut no matter the amount of joy, anger, frustrations, and sadness, we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them, so at least we can make them understand what women want.

Here is my list from all the endless conversations from many different types of women that have expressed their wants to me over the years.  But it was a very particular conversation that I had with Karen that sparked me to write this. Onto the list!

Men, thank me later for summing hours upon hours of conversations for you in a small, condensed list with a pretty pink bow to tie it all up.

  1. Be nice. A good heart trumps everything else. A nice person will be the person that takes care of you when you are old. They help take care of your family. And they treat everyone well including your friends and even the cashier at your local Starbucks.
  2. Attention—Lots of it
  3. 29627_725747854168583_1587373197_nKisses—Especially on the forehead
  4. Listen to me. Do I need to say more?
  5. You’re mine— A little jealousy is always good. It means he knows he can lose you, but making it known with his family, friends, and other men that a girl belongs to him is sexy. If a man does not make me his…my personality tends to fly away and when I’m gone, I’m gone.
  6. Passion. What girl does not want a man who is passionate, not only about her, about people, a cause, etc…? Passion to us is confidence and in all aspects of his life.
  7. Ambition— if you are looking for a sugar momma, please head to another store. This shop is closed.
  8. Commitment. The person you love should be enough, if you can live without her, let her go.
  9. Funny— You can be the hottest man, but if you cannot make us laugh, you are the ugliest one to us.
  10. Fix my car—A real man can fix anything.
  11. Be your own man– Have your own hobbies. Don’t leech onto mine.
  12. sdfRyan Gosling—No one can live up to him, but you SHOULD try. Here is a letter why. I’m just saying, he’s handsome, a gentleman, and he is a good Samaritan. AND no one can forget the scene from The Notebook where he sees her in the rain and slams her against the wall; don’t deny that you have no idea what I’m talking about.  No matter how sweet you are, every girl wants to be thrown against the wall in a moment of passion.
  13. Be honest. I’d rather you tell me I am crazy, being unreasonable, having a bad hair day then lie to me. I can take the truth, but lies mess with your head and turn good girls into complete b*t#hes.
  14. Effort—Talk is cheap. Haven’t you heard…Actions speak louder than words.
  15. Flowers, even a single rose? We all need to be romanced once in a while.
  16. Know what you want— The worst is a man who is confused. They need to know what they want. Either they are in the relationship for the long haul or not. Even what they want to do with their life, who they want to be, what they want to eat for dinner. Trust me from experience; being with a non-decisive person eventually wears you down.
  17. Conversations can change your day. You need to be able to talk about anything: Good or bad.
  18. Fights are ok— it’s ok to fight, plus making up is the best part.
  19. Small gestures go a long way. Holding a girl’s hand, showing up with her favorite ice cream, or remembering the little reasons she is so special means much more than having a banner saying “I LOVE YOU.”
  20. Pinky swear? Don’t break promises.
  21. Open the door— Be the man who your mom raised you to be. Open the door, give your coat to a lady, help a girl carry her bags, etc…

Ladies, if I missed anything, let me know! Men—it’s not rocket science and we don’t expect a fairy tale from a Disney movie. AND remember…


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