I have no idea if it is a curse or if I just attract crazies?  Idalia, Polly, Sanam, Debbie everyone are just shocked.  Cindy…not so much anymore at this point. 

I think my date last night took the award for crazy and the saddest thing was he was SO good looking and sweet at first.  I felt like I dated two different people in one night. He came over Monday night and the first 2 hours were great. He disclosed his entire past, asked me questions, told me how excited he was to spend NYE together and he was approving my outfit. He planned workouts for us together, etc…Right before I told him my rose wilted and he texted that if I was good to him, there would be plenty of roses in the future. I sent this to Sanam I.

He was sick, so I told him to go to Harris Teeter to get cough meds.  We drove there and he was like “oh my gosh, this is our first trip to the grocery together.” We were walking through and he kept grabbing my hand and even gave me a twirl.

On the way out Shari called about Adam’s party and said he has a bunch of single guys coming. I’m not sure if the boy heard, but after that it was a fiery plane crash.

We got back to my place and watched TV. All of a sudden he turned and asked if I ever cheated on anyone before?  I said no, I am loyal, but it takes a lot of push and shove for me to commit.  *Shari and Cepand were like, what kind of question is that?  Who is going to raise their hand and say all the time?

Then I got up and he took my phone and went through all my pictures. Every guy he kept asking how I knew him.  He saw a picture of me, a group of girls, and Kevon and asked who he is. I said he’s our bodyguard…second question was if Kevon hit on me.  Seriously…Kevon is our buddy.

Then he took my phone and started texting people “I love XXXX.”  Shari thought this was weird and when I told her my phone was highjacked by him, she was so pissed that a guy would do that to m.e Luckily, my friends know me so well that they know it sounds weird and not like me.  But who does that? 

The night was over when he saw a text between Mike and I. He asked who Mike was, I said one of my best friends, he claimed that the texts made us seem more buddy buddy. After we parted ways…Ugh, I swear he seems so good at first and flipped a switch like this. Oh and I realized, I am just not trainable. He told me not to post my current profile pic on FB because it was too revealing, I did it just because he said NO.  Also, after 3 dates, he already made me sign a contract for 2 things: A) I will never cut my hair. He said he loves it long and he will break-up with me if I did (Again…I did not know it was a relationship) B) I told him I wanted to lose 20 lbs and the accident got in the way of that. He said I was so beautiful now that he cannot keep the men off me, so if I lose 20 lbs, I’ll leave him.  He said I have to promise never to leave and once I love him I will not be able to.  Hmmmm…

This experience though shows how good my friends are. Cindy, Shari, and Sanam knew exactly when they got the texts that it does not sound like me.  They all know I never tell anyone I love them. I think in all my years of even dating S, I never said anything like that. I spoke about his humor, sacrifices, etc… I am just not emotional like that.  Also, Sanam knows my house is never organized…it’s lived in and I am neither very good at cooking or cleaning haha.  That is true friendship, but Cindy could not stop laughing the next day. Honestly, it feels like a bad nightmare.  IDK, what is worst and surreal…This moment and a 4 day relationship or the accident. Cepand was like is this normal for you?  I said absolutely not, once I commit, its long term, but you can’t predict bat sh$& crazy. I am fun cray cray, he is batty cray cray, bad combo.

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