30 Days, Friends & Thanks

Day 1
Sunmeel- My storyteller. Sunmeel and I have been friends for nearly 3 years. We met on a rooftop in Rockville. That night we met, I was going over to a condo across the street to break-up with a guy I was dating. I never thought twice about Sunmeel and I meeting again, but then our paths kept crossing at different places and we got to know each other better.

Sunmeel is a child at heart, loves BMW’s, loves his job as an RF engineer, probably one of the most hard-working men I know, and is the most caring and supportive friend. No matter how busy his life gets, he is always there for everyone in his life. He is truly a good man. He was there last year when S and I went on a 2 day break, he even offered after we talked and it went downhill to be there to pick me up. If you ever give up on good men, just turn to Sunmeel, he will make you believe that good, committed, and loyal men still exist. Thank you for always being there for me. He knows everyone of my crazy dating stories and has called dibs to be the storyteller of all the crazy men I’ve dated to find “Mr.Right.”

Day 2
Mike- My ENFP Twin. Mike and I met 3 years ago in Arlington while I was a gypsy. I was staying in a sublet when I first moved to DC. He came over to look at a futon that the original leasers were selling. From that chance meeting, we have stayed friends and true friends. He has been there with me through every up and down in my DC journey. He has jumped for joy as I got my official job as a govee and he has held my hand as S broke my heart and listened as I cried on the phone.

Mike…what can I say about him? I just have so much love for him. He is such a gentle soul. That’s how I describe him; he is a true friend who has been a listening ear and advice giver through every hard part of my life, professionally and personally. I am beyond lucky to have him in my life. From Meyer’s Briggs, he has my same personality, which means we are extroverts, love people, are passionate, and like to start things, but not so good at finishing things. He brews his own beer, loves to bike, is a self-proclaimed passionate man, which I can see, has a million hobbies, and my favorite part, he is on CPT…Colored people time…aka he is late to everything like me that isn’t work related or absolutely necessary. We both have a love of entrepreneurship and can talk for hours on the phone. I would say he is one of the few that knows almost every piece of me since our conversations have no filters.

Day 3
Debbie- My oldie, but goodie. Debbie and I have been friends since we were 4 years old. We were always over at each other’s home when we were younger. Unfortunately, our friendship grew apart because we went to different schools after elementary at when we were little there was no Facebook, email, or cell phones. Fast-forward 23 years later as I settled in Virginia, Debbie moved here as well. It was fate, one day, I was taking the metro, which I normally take the bus and saw a girl who looked exactly like Debbie. I could not believe the chances, out of all the trains, could it be her? What did I have to lose? It could be her or the person could think I’m cray cray, luckily it was her. Ever since then, we’ve rekindled our friendship and even with 23 years passing, it feels like we’ve been friends forever and time never stopped.

Debbie is so endearing to me. Her soul is of an 80-year-old like me. We totally think the same way on so many things. She is much wiser than her age and of course our Asian genes lead people to believe differently. Debbie has a love for animals, especially cats. She and I can talk forever and at times never realize we’ve been talking non-stop for almost 4 hours without a breath. She is kind, caring, and a great listener and advice giver. Her witty sense of humor and claim that she is an introvert, but yet an extrovert with me cracks me up, and I think we came into each other’s lives just as both of us needed some positivity. I am so thankful for that random day that we ran into each other and that we will make the next 23 years count for the years we missed out because you make my world a better place, period.

Day 4
Sanam I.- My old soulmate. This month marks 1 year since we met. Sanam Jan and I met at a baby shower and literally just hit it off immediately. We talked about how we worked downtown and clicked so well. We both have so many similarities, we love the same things including world events, cool events, going to museums, exploring, and traveling.

This girl…she is so smart and accomplished. Sometimes as she is speaking about derivatives, I feel so inferior, but she never leads on how smart she is, which is what I love. She is not a party girl, whom I appreciate, and she is such a hard-worker. She has a giant heart and from the time I have met her, she will do whatever for a friend and I am the same way. It is so refreshing to find someone who has so many of the same viewpoints in life as me. We are both old souls in a young person’s body.

We have the best conversations about 10,000 things and we never get bored. She is cray cray like me and proud of it. She is silly, but also she has a very serious side. She is super cautious and I am like the wind, so she reels me back in when I need to be. Thank you for being in my life and working across from me. I may not always see you as often, but know I’ll be here for you day or night.

Day 5
Shari-My memory. The day I met Shari, my life changed. Literally. Dazzle and I were out and about town and met Shari at a happy hour. We invited her to dinner with us and she is like my secret sister and introduced me to all my other sisters aka Moon, Savoy, etc…

Shari is my perfect balance because in a big setting, she is more introverted, which is totally fine, but me on the other hand, I am all over the place. Shari helps keep me grounded; she laughs at my ridiculousness, and listens to my stories and laughs at all the men that I have dated. She has also been there to listen as I have good days and bad days.

Shari is an extension of my memory because it’s so bad. I blame it on the fact that I have a child-size head, so there is not that much room for an actual brain. She reminds me of the million places I should be and the fact that I’ve already told this story to her.

Shari is one of those friends that you know will be your emergency contact. She picks up the phone when I call and let’s be honest, I don’t call people as often as I should, but you can always expect a text. She has such a pure heart, a giving nature, and provides quality time for friends. She is honest and tells you how it is, no pretend fairy-tales. She enjoys the fact that I can be her wing-woman any day and totally up for the challenge. She is also the few friends that when we go out, we keep no tabs. She’ll get dinner one time and I’ll get it the next, these friends are so hard to find. Thank you for being such a fantastic friend to me.

Day 6

Yasi-My cheerleader. The greatest blessing to come from my relationship with S was unexpected friendships. This is one of them. I met Yasi at Melika’s birthday party when I was officially introduced to the group. At first, it was just a brief meeting, but as we continued meeting at different parties, we realized how much of the same person we are. I could be the younger version of Yasi. Our personality, ambition, and career goals were so similar. We both loved trying new things, going to see new places, and meeting new people.

She was on the lookout for a new job and I was just transitioning to my dream job in the government, the reason I came out to DC. We both did not drink or hookah, so we sat and talked at the parties and over time the trust in our friendship grew, very organically. I trust her with my heart and all my secrets, with every thought in my mind.

Yasi has been there with me from the beginning, she has been the woman I turn to when times get hard, share funny stories, and laugh together. She has also trusted me with many of her deepest thoughts and hope she knows they have never left my lips, even for S’s ears. Her secrets are with me. Thank you always taking care of me, checking up on me, and giving me words of encouragement.

I love Yasi for her soft voice, her sweet heart, and more importantly, her good nature. Her ability and determination to do what it takes to reach her dreams, whatever they may be. I’ve seen her succeed in this several times in our past few years of friendship. She is a goal getter like me. I love hearing her advice because she sees the world as is and tells it to you even if it’s not what you want to hear. Of course, when she wishes you the best, she really wishes you the best.

Thank you for your friendship khanoomi as you said, my life is a roller coaster going up right now and I just have to sit and enjoy the ride. Better things will come and you’ll be there at the exit waiting for me to get off and give me a hug. Booooossss.

Day 7

Alyssa- My Therapist. Alyssa and I have been friends since 6th grade when we met at Emma’s house. Emma and I were in the “advance education” class. We were the nerds of the school, but little did I know our brief meeting at a birthday party would turn into a lifetime of friendship. At this point, unless we purposely hurt each other, our friendship is not going anywhere.

Alyssa and I have a very special relationship. Our schedules are so busy, it takes months to arrange a phone call, but email, text, and you got it! We have become the best emailing advice giving team in the world; we should start our own business.

I have been there through her journeys since she left Utah and ventured through Lubbock, TX, Connecticut, and now San Diego. I have visited my bestie in every place, sometimes, even twice. We have made special trips to other places to see each other. Even though we can hardly catch each other on the phone, when we see each other, it’s literally hours and hours of talking. I’m sure if someone else heard our conversation, they would wonder how two people can talk so much, but we do.

I have held her hand and tried to lift her spirits as best as I can from afar. I have encouraged her, made it known how amazing she is, and she has done the same for me and more. Alyssa is the person I go to with all my worries and my fears and she makes everything ok. She takes people’s problems as her own and that’s her gift in life that she shares with the world. She helps others in their time of need; literally, she is a marriage and family counselor.

She is of the most compassionate friends you can have. I will visit you wherever your gypsy soul desires to go my friend. XOXO.

Day 8

Sanam A- My butterfly wings and Persian Princess. She already got a shout-out (click here for her special dedication), but she deserves another. I call her my Persian Princess because she is just fabulous. Everything she owns from her car, phone cover, to wardrobe radiates upscale, fabulous, and sparkly. Sanam has truly been my wings to help me escape my few months of heartache. She has been there through every thought and wow, I am so thankful for that. She was there to guide me through each day that I felt down, each time I hurt, each moment of weakness that I wanted to go back to S. When things got rough, she was there with a bottle of wine. She has made me truly feel that everything has been ok, she listens to my rants and tells me I should be happy to be free and focus on me. She has taught me the importance of taking care of me.

She is used to the funny, klutzy, happy go-lucky Linda, so to see me like this was though for her. She wanted to beat some people up for me because I was so hurt. She just wanted to protect me and I love her more and more for that.

She is the person where we can make a joke about everything. It’s very interesting how much of our viewpoints have changed from when we were 20 years old to now. I am so thankful that I moved to Ashburn and can see her regularly at the gym because our “stretching, squats, and sit-up time” is my favorite. We tell stories and laugh about such random stuff. I truly love her so much and I wish my words can express exactly how much she means to me and how much strength she has given me.

Day 9

Cindy-My ying and yang. We are complete opposites in so many ways, but yet a perfect balance. We met more than 5 years ago in the business cafeteria. She was in the MBA program a year behind me. I found out she was going on the China trip and told her I would go earring shopping her. We laugh about it now, but Cindy never thought we would be friends. She thought I was a diva because I arrived in China with two giant luggages and made Ryan roll them for me. She called him my puppy dog, she thought I was high maintenance, a party animal because I hung out with the wild ones in the program, and simply ridiculous.

So how did we become friends? Well…we bonded over snoring. We both are extremely loud snorers and both our roommates in China complained so after the first night of miserable sleep for all 4…Cindy and I moved into a room together. Both of us slept soundly and snored away through the night. Yep… A snore here and a snore there and the rest is history.

I truly thank Cindy for our friendship. She is such a wonderful person. Cindy speaks the truth, she is more than willing to share her past experiences, words of advice, and most importantly she truly wants the best for her friends. Never behind her advice or wishes is ill thought and it is rare to find someone like that. She has been there and I for her through career choices, where we both will land after graduation, she has had to help ward off men at conferences who came looking for me, and supported my superstitious nature because she believes on fortune, karma, and luck too.

What do I not love about Cindy? Um…being so far away from me. I love her for being such a worker bee, so business savy, ability to adapt quickly to any situation…hello she adapted quickly to me and I am Cray Cray, but a good one. She is one of the most loyal friends and she is one of the most humble person I know. She is very ambitious and intelligent, so she is a driver of her destiny, but if you ask her it will always be based on luck. Like you said in your email a true friendship is not determined by how often you speak, but when you do it is like you just saw each other yesterday. Lots of kisses to you!

Day 10

Taban- My words of wisdom. Taban and I have known each other casually at different parties, but actually had time to sit down at Yasi’s baby shower to talk. Taban has been my words of wisdom through the toughest time yet in my life. I am sure more obstacles are to come, but she has stuck by me.

I endear her for her laughter and ability to make everything a joke. I love her for opening her heart to me when she barely knew me other than feeling that I was a good person. She reassured me that everything happens for a reason. She supports me on every crazy YOLO adventure I want to go on including horseback riding, which I was more scared than her.

Not only is she wonderful, but oh man…she is an amazing cook and host. I have no idea how someone can cook so well, every single thing she makes is absolutely delicious. One day I’m going to kidnap her for “The Next Food Network Star.” We also found out we have so much in common, like our love of Hot Yoga, movies, Persian food (that’s a given), and much more.

She truly cares about people; she is the one that has given me one of the wisest advices, never love a man more than they love you. Our friendship started because I was in a place of sadness, but now it has blossomed into wonderful blessing. I hope that even though life is so busy for both of us that our friendship will have many years to go. I will never forget what you have done for me and I hope you know I’ll always be there for you.

Day 11

Kim- My comfort blanket. Kim and I have been friends since we were in 7th grade. Back then we were so young and carefree. The earliest memory I have of Kim, she used to always be Kimmie to me, but has now requested to be called Kim.

Kim and I had the craziest friendship ever. We were tied at the hips all through high school and college. I would be at her house all the time and my favorite memories included falling asleep in such random places at her house. She is the only person who thinks my snoring is soothing.

Kim will remember all of these moments where I fell down…the flopping fish, the thorns, and who can forget when we went on an adventure on NYE through your bushes and fell off. We thought we were going to die, but landed like 2 feet down. Kim was my first friend I traveled with to Cabo…We met our love Sergio there, named a blow fish Chabubbles, and just had so much fun.

I love Kim for always being there for me. She keeps me strong, for making me laugh, and for being a great friend. She is my friend I can eat cookie dough with and watch chick flicks, but as we’ve gotten older, really truly go through more grown-up obstacles together.

14 years of friendship, with a few dry spells in between, but I know you’ll always be there for me when I need you and we can pick things up as if I come over to your house every day.

Day 12

Moon-My fabulousness. Ahhhh…Moon! Moon and I met through Shari and even before we actually met, we had already been conversing on Facebook like we’ve known each other for years. I love her. She is a breath of fresh air, she is one of the only people who I think has as much energy and crazy zest for life as I do and actually more. She lives each day to the fullest. Her motto in life is YOLO, which is mine!

I love Moon for being so incredibly loving and open. She is so welcoming to everyone in her life; she is the type of person who would offer the shirt of her back. She has such a big heart and even though I do not get to see her enough, she makes me smile when I do!

Moon, I love you like the moon and the stars! Thank you for always being such a wonderful and uplifting person to be around. #SSEB forever!

Day 13

Savoy-My adventurer. Savoy makes me laugh because she calls me her boo boo all the time! I love this girl, she loves taking pictures, she loves putting awesome quotes on her pictures, and she loves going out. What more do you need?

When I met Savoy, we instantly connected. I thank her for always making my day better, for always making me smile with something, even as simple as a sticker on FB and her hilarious posts on FB.

Savoy checks on me when she does not hear from me. She always has some awesome event planned and she is an adventurer like me. She is willing to go anywhere and do anything and I love her for it. She is always motivating people, including me! Love you lady!

Day 14

Zainab-My sister. What can I say about this girl…We went to school together and met through my best friend Sawaiba almost 10 years ago. At first, our meetings were very formal because both our schedules were so busy, but over the years our friendship grew over random things. We bond over our love of reality TV, working in the banking industry, and our goofiness.

I love Zainab for her complete honesty whenever you ask her anything. I appreciate her ability to text back so quickly and since we are in such different time zones, she has been able to support me through all my obstacles via text.

Zainab, thank you for always being in my life as my older sister. I know we do not talk every day, but anytime I do get to catch up with you, it’s like time never passed.

Day 15

Maryam- My eshgh. Maryam joon is my support wall, my heart, my ambition, my best friend. Maryam and I have been friends since we were 18 years old. We met through my best friend Sawaiba and also through our days in the library. Maryam and I had so much in common, even our future goals.

We both spent summers searching for internships, I remember when she got an amazing opportunity at Boeing and she called freaking out because she sent a follow-up and instead of hello, she left off the o, but she was so amazing she still got the internship. We both went to get our MBAs at the same time, but at different schools. We both had to move out of Utah around the same time. We both had dreams about doing a PHD…eh…that is not on our future anymore. She is also the first Persian I ever met in my life and the first person who introduced me to dough (the yogurt drink).

Maryam and I have always had the craziest goals at the same time aka…we wanted a red coat and fall boots. Another time, we both wanted to get into Goldman at the same time. Maryam did, I stayed at the bank hahah.

Maryam has been there through every big decision I’ve had to make. She has been there each time, I had concerns with S, and everything else in my life. Merci Maryam joon…you are stuck with me forever now after 10 years of friendship, you are going nowhere in my life azizam.

Day 16

Emma-My movie buff. Emma and I have been friends since 6th grade. I seriously cannot believe that. She knew me when I was a total nerd with glasses and braces and still loves me!

Emma has been with me through the past 16 years of my life. We’ve had many fun times together, but also very real moments. As time comes and goes, Emma has always been there for me. I love her craftiness, her determination, and her ability to quote any movie line you can think of.

Over the years, Emma has not only been my friend, but she has truly become a part of my family. She is another sister to me that tells me the truth when I need it, but always supporting me as well.

Thank you for your many years of friendship, laughter, random trips, text messages at all hours of the nights, and our elaborate emails. Thank you for always being the wall that I lean against. XOXO.

Day 17

Amir-My body guard. Amir Jan makes me smile. Amir is one of the most real and truthful person I have ever met. Amir is the brother I never had. He takes care of me, checks in on me, and makes sure I’m ok. He gives me advice from a man’s standpoint, from a brother’s standpoint, and as a friend.

We met over 2 years ago at a house party and after realizing that Amir is just hilarious…we became instant buddies. He has walked me through so much in my life and I will never forget it and I know we’ll stay friends for a very long time. He is a joker, a secret cook, a romantic, and just an all around good guy. I am very lucky to have him in my life.

Amir, I hope you know, you can always make me laugh, make me think twice about my decisions, make me believe there is better and a better tomorrow. Thank you for sharing all of your experiences. Thank you for reminding me how truly amazing of a girl that I am and how much I deserve and what a real man will do for the woman he loves. Thank you for being someone I know that if something happens, I can give you a call anytime, I truly am grateful for having you in my life.

Day 18

Dazzle, my Dazzle- My confidant. Dazzle was one of my first friends that I made in DC and I will have to say one of my truest. We have so much in common that it’s crazy. We go through the same emotions at the same time, we know how to read each other’s minds, etc… Dazzle and I do not need to speak everyday, but when we finally do get together, it’s as if we live together.

I love Dazzle for her energy and her love of anything bedazzled like me. We both get very distracted by shiny things. I love her spirit, her good heart…her truly good heart, and her love of hosting parties. This girl loves to host parties and anytime drinks are involved…bring it. She is also very color coordinated when it comes to party decor. She is not only entertaining in so many ways and has the best stories, she is also very intelligent. But I love her for the amount of stories she tells. Oh my goodness.

Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being my confidant, the person I can talk to about work problems and my feelings without judgement.

Day 19

Polly-My life lessons. Polly and I met when I first moved out to DC through Ermelinda. Can you believe that we’ll be approaching 3 years of friendship? When I first met Polly, I fell in love with Tejal her little daughter and Tej honestly fell in love with me. I spun her in circles all through Erm’s baby shower until I got sick. After that, Polly and I kept in touch and over the years became amazing friends.

Polly is a one in a million. No one else is like her. Her life is full of amazingly interesting stories and she can certainly tell them well. I call her my jar of life lessons. She is an amazing friend, listener, advice giver and an amazing and committed mother, and she also a great saver, a deal finder, and financial adviser. I love that we can talk money and talk about deals because I think a true friendship should be open about this.

Thank you for always being there for me. You love me through my ups and my downs. You shock me with your wisdom each time we meet and our impromptu lunches are my favorite part of the work week when we can squeeze them in.

Day 20

Aline-My risk taker. Aline and I met during my time in the MBA program. This will be going on 6 years of friendship starting in 2008. Unfortunately, we did not really become good friends until my second year. My first year was a whirlwind of trying to balance a full-time job at the bank, make it to the MBA events, balance my commitments to charity events, a second job, and trying to do my homework. During our second year in the MBA program, Aline and I really connected.

Over the years, she has been there with me through so much and I for her as we tried to figure out our next steps in life. She laughed at every dating story I shared…I remember she told someone I must be made of honey because all the men are attracted to me. She encouraged me to flee Utah for a different experience and it was one of the best decisions.

I love Aline for being my friend that is very honest, to a fault. She does not sugarcoat things, if you come to her and you are looking for a different answer, wrong. But she will never lead you astray. Aline is the type of person that no matter what you need, she will always be there. I’ve heard many stories of her helping our close friends through very difficult times in their life whether it be financially or emotionally.

Aline, I may not get to see you every day, but you know I’m always here for you even though we are 4 hours apart. True friendship does not mean we talk every day, it’s the person who continues to be involved in all the big moments in your life and you have. I am very excited for both of our next chapters.

Day 21

Mika-My life coach. I met Mika through mutual friends and we’ve been friends ever since. Mika and I are probably the best working team ever. Our minds think so similarly and putting on events is second nature to us. We make a great team. Mika and I also have very similar personalities.

I love Mika for her kind nature and always making sure to empower others. She is always happy and she is one of the few people who I can say makes lemon out of lemonade ALL the time. I love that she takes pictures of food like me, we love jumping pictures, and she is a fellow blogger. She is an optimist, she is an adventurer, she lives the motto YOLO like me and she is a wonderful person all around. There are so many great words that I can use to describe her, but it just don’t do this girl justice. She is just…fabulous.

Mika has been there through so much of my frustrations. She is my life coach. She is my cheerleader. Mika has a way of putting everything in perspective and any idea I throw out at her, she gives the best advice. I do not make big decisions without that girl. Thank you for being there for me through anything, thank you for always making me feel like I’m so special to you. You are a great friend and no matter the distance, I’ll visit you in all the spots you decide to travel to as a traveling OT. XOXO.

Day 22

Hannah-my dreamer. Hannah and I became friends back in 2009 during a long road trip from Utah to Ithaca, NY for a Net Impact conference. This was the first time we met, but we instantly became friends…how? Well, we loved headbands at the time so we shopped for them together. We both loved people and we networked a lot during the conference and I do not know about her but I walked away with an unexpected but short romance.

We were young, wild and free and explored NYC together. After that we just stayed friends. I truly believe she came into my life as my friend since our personalities are so similar.

I love Hannah for her generosity. Even though we fight when I see her she always wants to pick up the tab. We can spend hours talking and it feels like we just got on the phone. Hannah has the greatest stories to share. I love her for her wishful nature. She is a dreamer…she is positive…and she believes good things come to those who wait. She is kind and loving like me and she never judges. When I told her what I did after my breakup, she said well that’s normal. I told her no it was self-destructive and that’s when she laughed and said kind of.

Even though we do not talk all the time…we always think about each other…I love that when both of us get together we become the life of the party, obviously because awesome people attract other awesome people.

Thank you for being a true friend after all these years. What started off as a random adventure in NYC has now turned into an fantastic friendship. Love you!

Day 23

Sawaiba- My clone. Sawaiba and I knew each other since high school, but we were not really good friends then. I ran in a totally different crew, but we always thought we were nice people.

We became friends one fateful day at freshman orientation. I did not know anyone there and saw Sawaiba, so we spent the day together and then she said she needed to wait for her brother to pick her up and I offered a ride home. After that we were best friends. A simple ride home…that brought the greatest friend into my life. She is basically my sister.

The next few years of our lives were filled with great memories in the library studying, well more like chatting and reading the newspaper while others studied around us. I became an honoree member of the MSA and eventually people forgot we were two separate people. If they saw me without Sawaiba, they would ask if everything is ok?

This was the days when a cell phone was a luxury, we knew exactly where we would be at all times including when we passed each other in between classes.

When she lived in London, I went through a hard breakup. I emailed her and within 10 minutes she called me and told me everything will be ok. Distance is nothing for our friendship.

I love Sawaiba for all that she is. She is super shy at first until you know her and then she will spill her guts to you. She holds her anger at times, but is the most patient person I have met. She is sensitive, compassionate, caring, and hilariously witty with her writing. She is cray cray like me and invents her own language at times. She is very passionate about current events, maybe that’s why I watch CNN all the time. Annnddd she is a published writer, yep, she is a legit writer in Abu Dhabi…check out her writing here.

Happy belated birthday my dear friend! My best friend for 10 years now and not once have we had a fight! I love that I never feel that you are far away even though you technically are on another continent. Do not worry baby doll I will be coming to see my lover soon. We will be reunited tentatively in April. Please tell your hubby to move over for meeeeeeee!

Day 24

Jared- Modern day renaissance man. Jared and I met in the MBA program. The first day of class I spotted out my future best guy friend because he was so nicely dressed in a Polo shirt. In 2008, Jared was all about the polo’s.

Jared and I began our friendship over 2 things. He thought, “OMG who is this girl with pink everything?” Then we bonded over golfing. Back then I had a pink backpack, pencil case holder, cell phone case, and notepad. My golf clubs were pink as well.

Little did I know that 5 years later Jared will become one of my closest guy friends. He and I can talk about anything for hours and even though both of is are on completely different schedules, especially Jared since his job makes him travel so much anytime I need him…he is only a text away.

With us, no matter how much time passes, Jared knows I am the same Linda, where he makes fun of me, we make a great party crew, and we can say whatever no matter how shallow or ditzy it sounds.

I call him a renaissance man because he always looks good, takes care of his body, but the same time he has a successful job, loves kids, and he can fix almost anything with the car and house.

I love him for his obsession with only flying Delta like me, only staying in Marriotts, and loving country music. He has a kind heart who would do anything for a good friend. I love that he is OCD clean about his home, but on the flip side loves being outdoors even shooting. He can man a grill like nobody’s business and introduced me to grilled pineapple. He is also an amazing dancer. I can be completely honest here, Jared is a very sexy man, one that all my girlfriends are so jealous I am friends with…he has his fair share of women literally throwing themselves at him so thank you for always making me feel like your number one when I am around you.

Jared I love you for always being there for me through so many of my big life events. I thank you that on multiple occasions when we have been out you have almost beaten another man up for hitting on me too aggressively. Also that when we go out you buy me a drink but know I only drink half of it so you get to drink the rest.

Day 25

Paul- Mr. determined. Paul and I bonded during our China trip in 2010. Paul introduced me to my other best friend…Lisa! The three of us did everything in China together and I will never forget how he carried our purses for us up the wall. If he had not, I promise I would never have made it to the top.

Paul inspires me to be a better person. He has overcome so much in his life to be where he is now…He is extremely goal oriented and I feel like we really support each other through so many big events. I am proud of him for doing what it takes to reach his goals. I love him for always being positive and always looking at the brighter side of life. He amazes me with all his secret talents including the drums, painting, dancing, and so much more.

Thank you for always being there for me, even at 3 AM. I am very lucky to have you in my life and for you always supporting me. I know if I ever got lost in the desert or kidnapped…you would come save me. You are such a sweetheart and I enjoy all of our deep conversations about life.

Day 26

Idalia-My lighter. Idalia and I met when I first moved to DC and has been a pinnacle part if my life since then.

I call her my lighter because she really starts a fire when she is around. She is a very loyal friend who will be there in your time of need even when her schedule is bananas, but she has high expectations of you.

She is the lighter that will make you strive to make yourself better, go for your goals and also when to let go of things that are not good for you. She herself sets super high goals for herself, whether it is her professional career, style choices, dating, and her friendships. She lives to excel in all parts of her life and I admire her for it.

We have had 3 years of wonderful friendship which includes a guided tour of Virginia Beach, many late night walk and talk through Arlington and a plethora of funny memories. I love our conversations that can go on forever. I love that she loves crazy shows like Who the bleep did I marry?, Snapped, and many of those murder mystery shows. She is a curious soul and like me, if we see police sirens, we wander to see what happens.

I love how she is a deal shopper, but she is a high end shopper, nothing but Ann Taylor for this girl. She is a wealth of knowledge for anything you can think of… She can dance like it’s nobody’s business. She is silly, yet extremely serious when need be. Her closet is a hoarder’s dream because she has an endless supply of very organized clothes, accessories, etc…

She is starting a new chapter in her life in Chicago and I cannot be happier for her. She deserves the best in life. She finds amusement in all the little things in life and I hope she is ready for a visit from her crazy Asian and picture time. XOXO

Day 27

Anita-My right arm. Anita and I met about 9 years ago when I was at the bank. Julia, me, and her would go out on the town and have a blast, sometimes we would run into my work hubby Julio out together.

Anita has been there with me through the decisions I have had to make in life and she has been there through everything. She has been there through every hardship in my life and guided me like a big sister.

Of course, she accepts me for how ridiculous I am. She loves me for all my stories that she can live vicariously through. She listens to all my stories and enjoys the adventures of Linda. She has also held my hand through each step in my life. I honestly cannot ask for a better friend.

I love Anita for her patience, her open heart, and her friendship. I love her for taking every situation and making lemonade out of it. I also love her strength. I have been there to witness as she has gone through really though situations in her life including the death of her father. She has handled every situation with grace and dignity. I watched her step up and take the lead for her family. I watched as she went back to school for her graduate degree even though her job was so demanding. Anita, you are truly an amazing persona and I am so lucky to have you.

Day 28

Khadija- The mini boss. I met Dij through Sawaiba since they are sisters. We have known each other for about 10 years now. Omg I love this girl! She is basically my sister and even though we do not get to see each other as of. She dances to the beat of her own drum.

She may be younger than me and Sawaiba, but when we are in a group…she calls the shots. The sad thing is we don’t even question it. I remember one day, we were deciding which restaurant to go to, she told us to close our raise our hands. We all closed our eyes and raised our hands and then two seconds later, Sawaiba and I looked to each other and said, wait why we are closing our eyes.

This girl has been with me through everything. We are both super bad at responding to text messages, but no matter what, we know we still love each other and will always be there for each other.

I love Khadija for being crazy like me, for being a free spirit, for doing what she loves in life. I love her for loving me and my cray cray personality and laughing at my stories because she cannot believe it at times. I love her for just being her. There is no other explanation…she is definitely a limited edition and I love her for being my limited edition. XOXO

Day 29

Tammy-My sugar and spice, and everything nice. Tammy and I have been friends…Geez for at least 7 years if I can remember, maybe even longer. I know before I started my MBA program, she was in my life, but honestly we hit it off immediately. She originally started in Zions in the PR team.

Tammy has been with me through everything including really hard days at work, my MBA, and through all my hardships this year. I thank her for always being a good listener, not judging me for the stories I tell her. She is truly a remarkable person. She is educated, kind, loving, and witty. Her wit is more sarcastic in many senses, but she is funny.

Tammy is probably the most wholesome and honestly kind person I know. She is just a good person all the way around. She does not have a mean bone in her body; even her anger is not truly anger. She has never really seen me angry. It rarely happens, but when it does…It’s not pretty.

I think Tams is the type of person who goes above and beyond for everyone. I believe that I look for the good in people, but she really believes that everyone is truly good. She gives chance after chance to a person before she’s done and even if she says she’s done, she’s really not. She forgives and forgets more quickly than others that I know. She loves her family and friends more than anyone I know. She truly does. If I ever need anything, she’s always been there no matter how busy she is.

I know we will continue our many years of friendships filled with laughter and of course some heartbreak stories to share, but I am hoping mostly happy times. Tams…Please do not re-edit my dedication to you. I am not a super writer like you. XOXO

Day 30

My first and last love…My parents, who are my everything. I cannot even truly express in words how much I love my parents. God gave me amazing parents, who I believe love their children to a detrimental fault, but in their case, I love them back to the same degree and more. They have supported me through every crazy idea I’ve had and every mistake I’ve made.

My parents were very lucky that I was always listened to them. I could have been a rebellious child, but instead, I am very obedient, which is mostly good, but there are some downsides. I am far from perfect, I had a temper when I was younger, but the older I get, the less I care about things. I have come to the realization that every “flaw” that I used to get annoyed with are super endearing. I love each and every piece of them.

I could not ask for kinder parents, who are amazing and last year was a little rough on our relationships due to issues with S and if I had listened to them I would have been better off. The older I get, the more I realize everything they say is right. That their love is the purest love someone can have. I want to spend as much time with them and give them everything in the world, unfortunately I can’t, but hopefully in a few years I can.

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