Over the past year, so many people have told me that they feel that I know everything about them, but what they think they know about me is only the surface.

It’s because I am a curious cat, I always love hearing about people’s lives and what can I say, people love talking about themselves. Jared said he felt like he thought he knew me until he was asked to be interrogated for my security clearance and called me saying he doesn’t know me at all. Well, granted they ask things about if I have gotten tickets or arrested, first off I don’t run around announcing my tickets and secondly, I’m too clean-cut to be arrested.  I could never survive a night in jail.

Here is a summary of me:

  1. No middle name. My parents did not know they could give a middle name in America, so as a first-born I did not get one. My sisters did, then when I was 5 my mom asked me what middle name I wanted. I said watermelon in Vietnamese, so she said NO!
  2. Kid Spy. I used to go undercover and buy cigarettes from gas stations and if they sold it to me, I would wait while the po-po busted them.
  3. Obsessed with cheese. I love all cheese. When I was little, I always got in trouble for stealing cheese from the fridge. My mom called me a little mouse. Oh and the cheese addiction is partially why I got put on a diet at age 3, but I was a cute tub-a-lub.
  4. Silence is my enemy. Even during school, I could never study in silence. I always had to have the TV or music on. Silence makes me bored and when I’m bored, I cause trouble.  My parents think I have ADHD, but they are afraid to confirm that theory.
  5. Addicted to the Stock Market.  That’s all that needs to be said.  I’ve been flipping since 12 years old.
  6. No emotional attachment to things. I only have attachment to pictures. Otherwise, I don’t really care about things. If I had a shirt and my sister wanted it, I would give it up. It comes from being the oldest. My mom always makes us sacrifice everything.
  7. All I want is my two front teeth. I have two teeth fused into one and my youngest sister has one in the same place.
  8. Love to swim with giant animals.  I am amazed by large animals, especially ones that swim like the whale shark or manatee.  But I love elephants and pandas too.
  9. I have a semi-odd obsession with calculators. I used to have them in every room of the house and in all my purses.
  10. No talkie before coffee. Megan first introduced me to coffee when I was 19 and I’ve been addicted ever since.  I am a proud gold card member of Starbucks!
  11. News junkie. My parents always made us watch the news at 10 PM ever since we were little, so as I’ve grown older, I have kept that habit. The other day, my parents told me I act like I’m 89 because I watch the news so much.
  12. Short people problems. I had to sit on a phone book during driver’s ed because I could not see and I never learned how to properly parallel park until I got a back-up camera.  Oh and my driver’s ed teacher made me cry on my first test run.
  13. I hate feet. Seriously, they are so gross, even my own.
  14. Ghosts scare me. This is not just a joke, when I was a child, we went to a graveyard for a school field trip and we had to walk on the lawn. I threw away those shoes because I thought the ghosts would follow me home.
  15. Never had a broken bone.
  16. No tattoos and I will never get one.
  17. I had braces for almost 4 years.  I was definitely a late bloomer, I’m much better looking now than when I was younger.
  18. Snoring. Ugh, I snore really loud. Someone nicknamed me a mini-godzilla.  I’m not going to lie, I’m loud.
  19. Asian #FAIL. I was supposed to be a pharmacist, but because of my fear of dead people, my dad chose my career and told me either to choose accounting or finance.
  20. I swim in the pool with snorkeling goggles. Sanam never wants to be seen with me, but people are staring because they are jealous they can’t swim as long as I do without getting water in their eyes.
  21. White hairs. I have had 2 white hairs since I was 3 years old. They grow back in the same place, but it’s just two strands. My mom said it’s because I am always thinking of how to get in trouble.
  22. If you don’t let me talk, I will die. I talk A LOT, I get it from my mom. My worst punishment would be to not be allowed to speak for 5 minutes. I’ll want to say something and hold my tongue, but then when it’s time to speak, I can’t anymore.  It’s just a bad situation to try to shut me up.
  23. My brain is on 24/7. My head may be little but it doesn’t stop thinking about anything from zombie apocalypse, the next best stock, and work, how I am going to retire and obviously where my trip would be. Cepand said he would like to be in my brain for just 30 minutes because he thinks that’s all he can survive in it.
  24. Overachiever. IDK, but I always put so much pressure on myself, I graduated my BS at 20, went to get 2 years work experience and jumped back into school and got my MBA at 24.  They hated me because I skewed the class age average being the baby.  Julia said she would hate being my sisters because I’m so proper LOL.
  25. Why I got my MBA?  Y’all are going to laugh, the main reason I got my MBA was to sit in the pit. When I graduated my BS, I had to sit in the crowd and I told my mom I was so upset because I was small as an ant in the crowd.  She said well the only way to get to sit in the pit is to get your MBA or PH.D.  So I told her, that’s not fair, ok I’ll get my MBA in 2 years and I did.
  26. Bowling Pro.  I usually got really good at getting strikes when I was bowling.  One day I went with my best friend Joseph and I said see I don’t get why people think bowling is so hard, there are two lights showing you where to aim the ball.   It was all luck because Joseph explained that meant the frame, it was not guiding me anywhere.
  27. First let me take a selfie. I take a selfie with everything, this should be no surprise to you.  There was an article about people who take selfies are more prone to metal illness, well they are just jealous they don’t know how to take a good one. So read my 5 Tips to take a Good Selfie!
  28. Scared of heights. I can jump out of a plane and go ziplining, but I get so nervous when it comes to getting on a ladder. I makes no sense.
  29. Baby blanket. I still had my baby blanket until I was about 13 or 14. My aunt caught me with it one day and she threw it away. It was the worst day of my life, but obviously I survived.
  30. Say Pink!  Megan gave me my first Victoria’s Secret Pink Dog. I started collecting them ever since I was 19.  I am obsessed with them. I probably have 30 now.

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