Moon hosted an amazing holiday party. There were probably over 50 people who showed up. Our #SSEB crew definitely knows how to have a great time. Moon is absolutely the most fabulous host, when she hosts, you are not bringing one thing, which is very un-Asian of course. We never come empty handed, so it was very hard for me not to. You come and enjoy the night. The party was an absolute success…so thank you Moon!

So in order to have a great party hosted by an Asian and attended by a lot of Asians, you must have the following (I can say this because I am Asian and it’s true):
1- Delicious food. Similar to an Asian wedding, no matter how beautiful the facility, décor, and even the bride…if you run out of food or the food is not up to par, everyone will complain afterwards and your wedding is a failure in the guest’s eyes.
2- Karaoke. No party is complete without a karaoke machine. We love to sing and sing all night whether we are good or not. There is no need to ask who will sing, there is already a waiting list the moment the word karaoke is mentioned.
3- Casino Table. You can’t see in the picture, but there is a group of people playing poker in the corner. Every party has a group who loves to gamble. It’s in our blood.
4- Lights, lights flashing lights. This should be a NO brainer. There were groups of people all through the night taking pictures and of course, we just can’t take the picture with one camera because you may miss a great shot. Picture taking was an activity itself. Each time everyone posed, it would take 5 people to handle all the camera requests. Picture lovers should all definitely have a shirt that says one of the following:
– When you agree to say yes to take a picture, you agree to all 10 phones being handed to you.
– Raise your hand if you are immune to camera flashes. Why are both your hands up? Oh yeah, because you were born with flashing lights.
– One more! One more picture please.

Everyone kept asking what #SSEB stands for. Well, click here for the post that explains what it is…enjoy!

Happy Holidays and I hope you get to attend some great parties, but if you are hosting a party, these tips make for great entertainment for your guests.

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