5 Days in Seattle

Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the US.  After a few days there, I felt like an entirely new person again.  The city has a very unique vibe that I have not felt anywhere else.  I took my parents and I was very impressed how well they kept up with my hectic schedule.

10 Things about Seattle

  1. People wait for the cross walk.  I was the only one trying to walk, when the light said STOP.
  2. Drivers are fairly orderly and courteous.  People really follow the speed limit and use their blinkers, which has now become a foreign concept in DC.  If you put the blinker on, the cars will speed up to block you. 
  3. When it rains, only the tourists take out the umbrellas.
  4. There are many Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in Seattle including Nordstrom, Boeing, Starbucks, and Amazon.
  5. The entire city was rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1890 burned everything down.
  6. It is a very green city and if you live there long enough, you will learn to do things like composting.
  7. Part of the annual salmon run goes through Seattle.
  8. There are LOTS of happy hours and bars.
  9. The homeless population is substantially high.  As nice as the city looks in the tourist spots, there are pockets where you should be a little weary to wander at night.
  10. The University of Washington is very highly ranked and the campus is beautiful!

As you know, I plan all my trips in Excel and like to keep to a schedule.  I’m not a “let’s wing it” type person.  The only thing we missed was the Geocaching HQ because I am traveling with my mom and dad, I had to add extra time to accommodate their pace.

Day 1

  • Pike Market– There is a new section built in the back with lots of additional seating. 
  • Living Computers + Labs– This was such a unique museum.  It shows the progression of computers over the years.
  • Filson Factory Tour– Check out their website for specific times, but it is fascinating to see how much care they put in each product they make.
  • Museum of Flight
  • Sound Garden– This is a unique outdoor artwork created in the 1980’s by NOAA. It’s not very well known, but if you have time, it’s very interesting. You have to go on a windy day to hear the sounds.
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass– If you go in the evening, they offer discounted tickets.
  • Kerry Park– It is supposed to have the best view of Seattle, but honestly, I felt like the views are not that great and it is very crowded when I went, so you didn’t have a moment to truly enjoy the view.

Day 2

  • Fremont Troll– Photo spot for a giant troll.
  • Up House– This is a small house that reminds everyone of the move “Up.” You cannot go inside.
  • Ballard Locks
  • Gas Works Park
  • Lake Union
  • Pinball Museum– This is located in Chinatown. If you love playing Pinball, it is the place for you.
  • Amazon Spheres– It does open to the public a few days a month, but if you can find a friend that works at Amazon like I did, then they can take you anytime.
  • Space Needle

Day 3

  • Pac Man Park– You might see this on a few sites. It was a really cute idea, but unfortunately the location is run down and there is trash and needles all around.
  • Bullitt Center This is the greenest building in the world. It is very unique and if you an arrange a tour, it is fascinating how they have made it.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Discovery
  • Snoqualmie Falls– This is about 45 minutes away from Seattle and a great little getaway.
  • Hammering Man– This is right outside the Seattle Art Museum

Day 4

  • Boeing Tour– One of the best tours I have been on. It is amazing to see how they build the planes. Make sure to book your ticket ahead of time.
  • Theo Chocolate Tour– I loved this tour as well! You have a whole new appreciation for that bite of chocolate after you see how it is made.
  • Gum Wall– This is probably one of the most disgusting things I have seen. I don’t know why you want to stick gum on there, but obviously you have to see it once.
  • Olympic Sculpture Park

Day 5

One of the best things I got to experience was the 4th of July in Seattle.  It was extremely crowded, but the fireworks were amazing.  The best view is at Gas Works Park, but you will need to make sure to get there early.

I ran across Flatstick Pub. It is an indoor mini-golf bar and it is one of the coolest places I have seen.

And I was lucky enough to have a few friends to hang out with in Seattle and it was so nice to meet up with them!

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