Finances…as my twin Lisa says…ICK!  It sucks being a grown-up.

I have never appreciated all the hard work my parents have done to give me the life I have had until I moved to DC.

It has definitely been hard.  The cost of living is high and the pay is mediocre.  It is the same pay you could get in Utah, but the opportunities are vaster here.

Anyways, I have always been a saver, but lately with the mortgage, furniture payments, car, and simple groceries, I have not been able to save anything.  Unfortunately, I am not a millionaire like the 18-year old self of me believed (Ahhh…to be young again and carefree).  It’s come down to living paycheck by paycheck.  Granted my pay is not bad at all, I cannot imagine raising a family on a minimum wage salary. My heart goes out to those people.

Friday, I went off the deep end when I found out I had $35 in my account.  Where did all my money go?  At first I thought I was hacked.  Nope, bills.  With that revelation, I have got to be even tighter on my budget than I was before.

Here are 5 easy changes to start saving:

1.       No more eating out period. Sorry Starbucks…it’s been a great run, but I have to fiscally break-up with you for a little bit until I get a little nest egg.
2.       Use all my gift cards.  I have a pile of gift cards that I have not used yet. Why? Free money!
3.       Use all my coupons. I try to coupon as much as I can, but at times I forget them at home.  Now I am going to be the girl that carries them in my purse.
4.       No more emotional shopping. That’s what I do. I am an emotional shopper. I have a need to shop for others. I always buy things to give to my friends…it sits at my house for months before it gets to them.
5.       No more rewarding myself. I used to buy myself a headband after each test in college and I think that is where my habits came in from.  I always reward myself by buying something because I’ve done good at work or it’s on sale.
I never want to be that low again. It’s pathetic!

Here are a couple of good articles to check out.

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  1. Great post twin!!! I’m sorry your account is so low 🙁 I would also have a heart attack if my account got that low but quite frankly, I’m impressed that you’re not in the negatives! I would definitely be in the hole if I had just bought a house. I’m so proud of my twin!! I told myself absolutely NO eating out and shopping for a month… we’ll see if I make it 🙁 🙁 P.S. Where’s my e-mail? 😉

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