5 Rules for Eating a Banana like a Man- According to Tien

untitledJust a forewarning, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this, but on our awesome road trip to OBX (post coming soon) Tien mentioned there are very specific etiquette for men eating a banana.

All of us girls in the car were like-Stop, collaborate and listen…rules to eating a what? A banana, wait can you repeat? B-A-N-A-N-A?

Tien laughed, but was kind enough to educate us on this very serious and manly topic. Apparently these are unwritten rules that ALL men know about. A banana Bro-Code?!?

Here are the 5 rules to eat a banana like a man:

  1. Never eat the banana in one big bite. Small bites only.
  2. Eat it fast and never close your eyes while doing so. Awkward…
  3. No looking at another man while he is eating it.
  4. Don’t lick the banana. This caused me to scratch my head, who would lick a banana?
  5. Never comment on the quality of another man’s banana. I guess even if a man has a disgusting mushy banana, just let him eat it and enjoy???

The girls could not take what Tien was saying seriously, so we asked Chase and Jason and they confirmed that yes, there are strict rules.  Tien tries to eat it away from people and Chase says he breaks his in half. So complicated!

I asked where he heard these rules, he said it’s on 9GAG, but it is common knowledge among men.

Normally I would put the link for everyone, but I don’t want to search banana eating rules on Google, who knows what will pop-up.

Men, if you don’t know these rules, learn them fast or else you might end up in a throw down because you looked at another man while he is eating his banana.

After learning this…I don’t think I can look at a banana the same way again.

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