Selfies…How did we live without it?  I mean, it officially made it into the dictionary: Selfie.

I am not going to lie, I take a lot of selfies and so does some of my besties.  Sanam and I do it all the time, even when we are just shopping at Ulta or…yeah pretty much anywhere.  I am not ashamed to say I take selfies. 

I pretty much think the reverse camera on the cell phone was the best thing invented.  When my parents came to visit me, my mom never knew this feature existed on her cell phone.  So I showed her…well that was the beginning of creating a monster. My mom sat there for hours taking selfies.  All I can say is…ADORABLE.  She was so cute, I took a selfie of her taking a selfie which Jerrod calls it a “selfie inception.”

She kept asking why my selfies looked so good and her selfies did not. I told her practice. After she mastered pressing the button, I told her there are specific techniques to take a good selfie. 

I was at the gym…working out, when Idalia called.  We caught up and I told her I had to finish my workout and fix my left ass. It’s out of commission right now, but I won’t be able to keep a man in the future if that is permanently injured from the accident.  She laughed and started talking about my pictures and how I’m so active.  FYI, she hates pictures so for her to comment on pictures is huge…she actually said she’s jealous at how I can take such a good selfies for my collages.   I told her it’s easy, but she said not really.  From all the pictures I take, here are my tips from spending way too much time taking selfies with people of course everywhere I go.

Here are the 5 steps to take a fantastic selfie:

  1. The perfect angle. You have to know your best side for a selfie. Make sure you try different angles.  Cepand did not believe you have a good angle, but to prove him wrong I took selfies at different angles and he was amazed at the difference.  Generally the camera should be angled down, which means you are holding your phone above you.  It avoids a chance of a double-chin.
  2. Lighting.  Unfortunately, flash is not an option when using the reverse flip.  So lighting is crucial, plus at certain times, you can get the sun just right that you look like you just stepped out of a magazine. 
  3. Background.  Make sure to pick a background where it looks clean or a cool place. A beach, the sun, a clear wall. Avoid places like the bathroom or a shady bar. Hello…even with a selfie, you better keep is classy.
  4. Use a filter.  I love filters!  My favorite app is Photogrid. Not only can I make collages, but I can filter stuff too.  Instagram is good, but it only allows you to crop a square box.  Other applications allows you to filter the entire picture.
  5. Own it!  If you are going to take a selfie, take a sefie.  Be confident, do a little hair flip, re-apply your lipstick…do whatever it takes to get a good selfie.  Sanam has even mastered how to walk and take a selfie. I have yet to do so…but very impressed with her skills.

Hopefully,this will inspire you to take more pictures.  I tell my parents to take pictures everywhere because in the end it’s all we have. 

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