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6 Categories of Women According to P

wpid-img_177496801542183.jpegPaolo, Sarah, and I were at an event and I can’t remember why, but something came up about Paolo’s high school girlfriend and I lectured him on how inappropriate it was to have those things at that young of age.

Sarah was laughing and said are you serious? P said, yes she’s very special and innocent. Sarah said, awwee so she falls in the one you marry category.

That’s when I asked about these categories and she proceeded to explain that P categorizes women. After a long discussion with P the other night, we narrowed it down to 6 categories that women fall into. If it was up to him, he would have subcategories for each category. Remember being concise is so much better than using “fluffy” descriptions.

I had no idea that the categories and explanations could be so complex. I’m not going to lie; it made me giggle.

  1. One Hit Wonder- Count these as girls who are mentioned once or twice and they fall by the wayside. They might be the girl that you meet at the local coffee shop, think she’s cute, but nothing comes to fruition. Or you try and do all the right things and the girl does not respond or meet you halfway.
  2. Friend-zoned Paolo- Sad, this is when a man puts his heart on the line and declares his feelings for a woman, only to be told that the girl only sees him as a good friend. He actually lectured me on this whole topic of not friend-zoning people. I half-listened.
  3. Now Paolo’s Turn to Friend-zone– These are girls who like the man, but the feelings aren’t mutual. This includes the following: The tomboys, like a sister, and best friends without any sparks. It also includes a particular person that everyone else around you thinks would be a good fit for you, but you just can’t see it.
  4. Wrong Time, Wrong Place– Love is about luck and timing and these are the girls who you could see one day marrying, but you meet them at the wrong time in life. This includes the following: Recently single in their hot mess stage (P calls this the whore stage, not true. You can be a hot mess without doing anything naughty), already in a relationship (good or bad), not ready for anything serious, or she is only focused her career and nothing else, etc… The basic summary is that they are not ready to commit.
  5. No Strings Attached– He calls these “benifriends.” I don’t really understand this concept, I saw the movie with Ashton Kutcher and even in the movie they develop feelings. First off, how do you look at each other after? I would be so awkward, blushing, and a little embarrassed. How do you stay “just friends” and how do you not get jealous if the person starts dating someone else. I know people have these benifriends, but it’s a foreign concept to me, so I’ll leave it as that.
  6. Wife Material– This is the girl that you marry. He calls this the unicorn because it’s the ideal girl that you want; she has all the qualities that you are looking for to settle down with. She’s not the one that you just mess around with and toss aside. She’s the one you fight for and keep long-term.

P was like you are absolutely a unicorn. I said I hate being categorized as that and I’m totally not. I’m not obedient, nor domesticated, etc… P reminded me of my birthday present to him, which was a good-luck tie for his future career; he’s never had anyone give such a thoughtful gift, its wife material. My argument, but I give ties to other guy friends too like Mike or do special surprises for my good guy friends.

P said that being a unicorn should something to be proud of and never change because there aren’t that many women who fall into that category in this day and age. I guess who doesn’t love unicorns? They are white, pretty, and magical with rainbows following them wherever they go.

I hope you enjoy the 6 categories and if we missed anything let us know.

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