untitled1.     Travel the world. Now with work and so much limitation on leave and schedules, it is so difficult to travel and once a family comes into the picture, that’s it. If I was 18, I would have gone on every study abroad, gone on every crazy spring break adventure, and take 6 months after my undergrad to backpack somewhere.

2.     Live at home.  It is funny that you want to leave when you’re younger, but I would live with my parents until I got married or died if I had the option. They give me 3 rooms to myself!

3.     Party more. I never partied in college, so I missed out on some good times with my sorority sisters. I was so into schooling, I missed out on the days that I could stay out late, now I get sleepy at 1 AM.

4.     Invest in the stock market.  I would have taken every penny and thrown it into the stock market. Look at Google, Starbucks, Priceline, Apple, its crazy how much they have increased in value.

5.     Consider a degree in IT.  It is such an in-demand degree and who knew cyber security would be such a growing field.

6.     Fall in love young.  I think falling in love young helps you know how to deal with the emotions.

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