I love How I met Your Mother…Who doesn’t?  Remember the episode where Robin realized she became a real New Yorker?  It is sad to say, but I’ve pretty much realized I am a DC person now, even though my soul tells me I love Utah.

 1.       Take the metro everywhere.  Driving does not even make you happy anymore and dealing with traffic.

 2.       You accept super ridiculous high prices for everything aka rent, food, and parking tickets.

 3.       Move to the right. Everyone knows that people run down the escalator on the left and stand on the right. When I came out here as a tourist, I thought people were so mean…well now I understand after trying to make people move to get to my train.

 4.       Oops, my purse. Metro doors do not open even if there is an arm or leg.  When I first started riding the train, I would see people get brief cases, purses, coats, etc… stuck and think, “How embarrassing.”  Well that was me and my co-worker had to yank it out.

 5.       Sunglasses on at all times. Normally, in Utah, you always chit chat with people. Not here, you just go on your daily routine, put on your headphones and sunglasses and move along. I now carry sunglasses all the time.

 6.       How far is that away? I used to commute 25 miles from Layton to SLC every day and never minded.  I come to DC and 12 miles can take 2 hours, so it makes me hate leaving my home.

 7.       Eh, they’re just crazy.  There are some unstable homeless people yelling on the streets.  They tend to stand next to the metro or my favorite Starbucks.  Some mock you, while others just sit throughout the day.  One day there was a woman yelling in the metro, all of us “locals” were just walking as if nothing was happening, but the tourists were screaming and running up the stairs. That would have been me, but it does not even phase me.

 8.       The White House is just a house. Over 10 million tourists visit to see the White House, Washington Monument, etc…  I walk past it every day. I see Secret Service vans driving by and now, it’s just part of my routine.

For everyone here in DC/VA/MD, let me know if you have other things as well to add to the list.

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