The other day, I was over at Moon’s for a party and we started talking about cute ideas to do for birthdays, I mentioned doing a scavenger hunt, they were like wait, what? That’s such a good idea.

People always come to me for cute gift ideas for their friends, family, and significant others. Even though I tend to make everything a joke in life, when it comes to gifts for my friends, family, and love, I really put a lot of thought into it. I truly believe in any relationship, you have to put in effort, spice up the relationship, and also show how passionate you are.

I know who would have pegged me for a hopeless romantic? But, the secret is out…I am. I am that girl who loves Disney movies, fairy-tale endings, first kisses that make your foot pop, and the big gestures to win your heart. But with that, I also think it’s up to the guy to pursue the girl, I don’t put effort until I’m locked down.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the pictures anymore for things I have done in the past, but I do have a few that I dug up.

Feel free to use any of these ideas, each person is so different, that I always cater my ideas towards each person.

Here is a list of ideas that is really easy to do, but I know it will mean a lot:

  1. Animal Shaped Lunches-This is honestly the easiest thing to do. Since I love pandas, I made a little panda bear shaped lunch. This is my version of Shepherd’s Pie. Then I wrote a note on the inside of the box. Here are the instructions:
  • Bottom layer is mashed potatoes. (If you like cheese, sprinkle it between the layers)
  • Middle layer is a mixture of ground turkey, frozen corn, peas and carrots.
  • The head and the arms are made of mashed potatoes.
  • The body is a biscuit, but you can probably do mashed potatoes as well.
  • The eyes are sliced up olives.308877_829248292901_20125829_n
  1. Scavenger Hunts– This takes a little more thinking to put together clues. I use people as part of the clues. The person has to call our friends one by one and guess the correct clue. The last person will have the place that you will meet. The last time I did this, it was the restaurant that we had our first date, but you can pick any location.
  2. Coupons- This is the easiest thing to do. It just takes a little creativity. I did it for my best friends as well as people in the past. Here are two examples of things I’ve done. I would encourage you to think about what the person likes and gear it towards that, I know other people make it more “sexual” and I’m sure that’s fun and interesting too. Keeps things spiced up, but mine are more thoughtful.IMG_20140701_151637wsfdsf
  3. Starbucks Custom Order– I was super proud of this idea and I wish I had the picture somewhere, but it only works if the person you are dating loves coffee. I asked the local Starbucks for an empty Venti cup. I marked it as, “Custom.” Then below wrote: Asian, Crazy, Loving, and other things that I can’ remember. Inside of the cup was a hand-written note and other random stuff like candy, etc… to make it feel heavier. Then when the person arrived, I said, “Baby, I know you had such a long drive, I got your favorite drink…Surprise!”
  4. Re-in-acting the First Date– Pretty much after a while, you get into a routine of going to a movie and dinner. Also, a lot of the time either the guy plans the date or you choose a place together. In this case, it’s up to the girl to plan the date. When I did it, I sent an E-vite with a theme to it. I pretended we just met, so I think I wrote something like, “it was so nice to meet you at XX. The moment you walked in, I couldn’t stop smiling and I can’t wait to meet you again.” Then I also wrote some stuff about being nervous to meet him because he makes my heart flutter, etc…  It’s fun to role play a little.
  5. Pretend fights– I don’t believe fighting all the time is healthy, but not fighting at all is bad too. But pretend fights are the best, plus the best part of fighting is making up. This is more spur of the moment, but if you’re boo asks you to do something like make dinner, say no and make a big scene like I go to work and keep my butt in shape at the gym, and you expect dinner too? Once there is a tiny bit of tension, let it go and tell them…you both will pick something up when they get home. In the meantime, you already have a full meal in the oven. Make sure to capture their face when they walk through the door. For once, you are obedient haha.
  6. Love letters– It makes me sad that the art of hand-written notes have gone out of style. Well, I’m making it come back in style. I don’t think people realize how much happiness a simple letter in the mail can make someone. If you don’t want to do a letter, leave hand-written notes in random places, a book, their lunch, even in their phone. I’ve put calendar alerts with sweet messages or alarms in their phone saying good morning or good night. It’s never what the words really say, it’s the fact that you took a few seconds to think of someone else but yourself.IMG_20140507_155657
  7. Surprise Parties– I am all about throwing surprise parties. But when you do, make sure that you have all the details taken care of. Pick a really good location that both of you would go to anyways, plan the outfit for them, make reservations, and make sure to keep the guests updated.
  8. Experience a “First” together. Find something you have done, but the other person hasn’t. Experiencing a “first” activity together is extremely memorable.

Hopefully y’all find these ideas helpful. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day.



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