A Friendship spanning from the US to India, even when one keeps trying to say Chalo bye

It is a little unbelievable to say Mayank and I have known each other for 2 years now.  It seems like eternity because of how close we are.  We met by mistake and it has been the best mistake of our lives if there is a thing as a “sweet mistake.”

When we met, Mayank pronounced (My-ank), but forever I will call him May-ank and he better still love me for it.  He has become one of the most important people in my life in a very short amount of time. I couldn’t imagine my life without him and hopefully he feels the same about me.  You accepted me for being stubborn, you have more faith in me than I have in myself, and when I closed our chapter, you refused to let that be our ending.  I’ve never had anyone go to so much lengths to keep me in their life. I hope you don’t regret it later on, just kidding

To me he is my:

  • Best friend
  • The first person I get a good morning from, never a day goes by that we don’t say good morning to each other with a selfie
  • Emergency contact
  • Attempted handyman
  • Photo Partner, except he tries to outshine me in the photo
  • Private Chauffeur
  • Dating screener
  • Black AMEX Card- He never ever lets me pay a penny when we are out. Even when I am dating someone, he refuses to let me pay.
  • My companion if I don’t find someone by 35. He can have the east wing, I’ll have the west and he just has to make sure to know my blood type and take me to the hospital when I’m sick.

And here are my favorite moments:

  • He asked me to explain some terminologies about relationships in the US, including hook up.
  • One day I sent him a picture, he told me I looked beautiful, but it’s the girl inside the dress that is even more beautiful.
  • Introduced him to Matcha green tea latte
  • Watched him struggle at Top Golf
  • He called me a Bollywood star for being so dramatic
  • He jump started my car and brought a friend. He first broke my fuse box and at one point, I asked his friend to show me how open the hood.  He yelled at me saying why I am pretending to be dumb for this guy. I was dying!
  • Got his car towed because we got so caught up in a conversation, we forgot the time
  • He surprised me by getting me perfume for my birthday
  • He came over and picked me up and made me go to dinner when I broke up with my boyfriend, he told me I could not ever cry in front of him.  If I was to cry, I need to walk away and get myself together.  Per his words, “strong women don’t cry.”
  • He agrees to use any Snapchat filter I want to make me happy.
  • When he first learned to drive in the US, he used my car and I was holding on for dear life. He jumped red lights, sort of did whatever he wanted.  Now, he’s a pro and yelling at me when I drive.
  • He called me completely out of it and told me I didn’t care about him. I was in the middle of a party and stepped out in order to go pick him up.  He refused to tell me. Then he hung up on me.

Our friendship, I would compare it to a mini Bollywood movie. Actually at one point when I was extremely angry at him and saying some harsh things, he said don’t hate him, but he couldn’t take me seriously because I was being so dramatic as if I was in a Bollywood soap opera.  There is no doubt that I have that side that I could star in my own Bollywood Movie, but he didn’t have to tell me.

We first met when he was barely a month or two in America. He came to work for his cousin’s company, who I have met and also adore.  When we first met, we had no idea where this friendship was going to go.  We struggled with some simple things such as communicating with each other, actually setting dates to see each other, and at that time, he didn’t have a car.

But with all the difficulties, we wanted to keep each other in our lives. At one point, my work moved 3 minutes from him, so I thought it would mean growing our relationship even more.  But as fate would have it, it would never be that simple.

Work for him got insanely busy and he didn’t know how to manage expectations.  My temper flared, yes I have a temper once you pass that threshold, and you want to hide in a hole. He can attest. Then one fine day, I asked him to pick me up at the airport from an interview.  Low and behold, I land home and get a message that he had a meeting and nothing else.  For me, that was the moment I decided to cut him from my life. And all of you know, when I decide to cut someone off, that’s it.

I made sure that he knew he does not get to have me in his life anymore with quite a lot of angry messages within 24-48 hours and he never heard from me again.

But one thing you will learn about Mayank, he is determined.  He never ever gave up on me. He never stopped messaging me, he never stopped begging for my forgiveness.  For nearly 8 months, hundreds of messages through Facebook, Snapchat, text, etc…without a response.

Then on my birthday, I was on my whirlwind trip and he messaged me “Happy Birthday, I just wanted to wish you a good one and to let you know I am not going to message you anymore.”

I showed it to Lisa and we just giggled. Then when Lisa and I landed in Delhi, he messaged me.  He said, listen I changed my entire plans to make sure I was in India when you arrived. If you will not speak to me in your country, you owe it to me to talk to me in mine. Let me take you to dinner.

I almost said no, but my best friend was like take one for the team. If he’s not taking us out, we would just sit here. At least we get a dinner and maybe he will take us to a new place.  So Mayank, you have to thank Lisa for rekindling our friendship.

He scolded me for being too hard-headed and tough for 2 minutes and we discussed what happened and started fresh.  He picked me and Lisa from the airport when we came back to the US and you could say the rest is history.  We’ve been best friends ever since and over time, with each obstacle we’ve faced individually, we’ve always been there for each other.

The minute I needed a new job, he made me send him my resume ASAP.  He may not always have time for me, actually he barely has time for himself, but if I truly needed him, he’s there.  I try not to ask too much from him.

Mayank, thank you for being my best friend. I promise you if you treat me right, I’ll never stop being your best friend. Thank you for never walking away when I told you to.  Thank you for loving me when I am so stubborn even a bulldozer could not break down the wall I’ve put up and thank you for always taking care of me.

As you said, when you came to my “rescue” when my battery died, until the day you die, you will always take care of me.

Main tumase pyaar karata hoon.

Chalo Bye

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