Everywhere I go everyone has been asking about my new cell phone case. When I say everywhere, I really mean everywhere, parties, at the grocery store, and even at dinner in New Orleans.

I wish I was selfish and told them none of your business because it’s my secret, but I like to share great things that I find. My friends know I only endorse things I love and use.

My hunt for this cell phone case came about because of my traveling spree. Last time I went to Jamaica, I lost my phone in the jungle on a bobsled, but they found it. With my trip to New Orleans with my Twin, I knew I was going to be taking a lot of pictures and also going on a swamp tour. If I lose it in the swamp, that’s it…in that situation, the gators will get a shiny new toy.

Everyone sells the clutch or wallet case, but since I take so many pictures, if I had to keep opening the cover for easy access to the camera, I would not use a case.   After some research, I came across this purse cover and love it! Click here to get it from Amazon.

This was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make to switch to this cover. First off, I had to give up my sparkling bright pink cover (very me) in exchange for a less bedazzled, but functional cover. Also, a big reason they found my phone in the jungle was because I told them it has a bright pink cover. If I lose this phone, it would not be as easy to spot.

Here is my old phone cover…Yes, you can see why I love it!


This is the other case, I switch off between. Again…You can see why I love it. It even says the word PINK on it because it’s from Victoria’s Secret.


But after using it for the past few weeks, it is probably one of the best decisions I made. I am still trying to figure out how to bedazzle this myself…so when I do, I’ll let y’all know.


Here is why I recommend this case for any girl (Guys, if you buy this, I would be a little concerned):

  1. It’s only $2.72 from Amazon.  This is for a Droid, but here is one that I found for iPhones…Click here.
  2. Made of Silicone, so if you drop it…it’ll bounce
  3. Easy to keep around your wrist. This saves me from having to dig through my purse every other minute when I have to take a picture.
  4. It’s harder for someone to steal your phone out of your hand when you have it wrapped around your wrist.
  5. It makes finding your cell phone much easier. I used to throw my phone somewhere in my house and spend hours looking for it. I would ask myself…If I was a phone where would I be, but sadly it never answered because it was usually on silent mode. Well, now I can hang it on my door knobs or stairwell.
  6. No need for a GPS stand. It’s not as easy to put this in a GPS stand, but you don’t have to worry about it, it hangs perfectly from your mirror to guide you to any location needed.  Sometimes it sways, but its fine, just use a hair tie to stabilize it. *My twin and I found this out in New Orleans when we had to improvise, but it works really well.CYMERA_20140610_065317
  7. Pictures at anytime. For those of you who know me, I am obsessed with pictures, so this makes it so much easier to have it ready for any occasion.

Hope you love it as much as me.



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