I’ve always said this, where have all the gentlemen gone?  They really do not make men like our parents anymore.  I look at my dad and my friend’s dads and it just amazes me how kind and caring they are.

You see all different people come on and off the metro.  I take the orange line every day and I’m not going to lie, I am not a public transportation type person.  Since the orange line is the only one that goes into DC from my house, it gets super crowded, so I have come to terms that 90% of the time, I’ll be standing.  Since I lack some grace and balance, I try not to multi-task or else I’ll fall, so I end up making a lot of observations.

Last week I saw an elderly woman get on the metro at rush hour. There are 4 seats allocated for the handicap or the elderly.  When she walked in, no one stood up to give up their seats even though all the seats by the doors were taken by men, except one.  There was one seat that 2 little girls were sitting and both of them jumped up to offer a seat.  The two little girls ended up standing for most of the trip.

Today, I saw a blind woman.  As she was trying to maneuver through the metro to get to the door, I noticed people did not try to help her or even move out of her way.  I’m just surprised at the lack of compassion.

What happened to men opening doors, giving up their seats, helping you with your luggage?  I guess it’s just become a “me” society and it makes me a little sad.  I wish they made more men like our parent’s generation.  Sigh…

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