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Anyone have a light?!?

Adam surprised me one night by driving up to Ashburn to take me on a date.  I told him from the first time meeting at happy hour that he could not date me unless he was willing to drive to me.

Who knew the first guy I met out with my bestie Des as a single person would be the one that makes the most effort.  I don’t know where it’s going and I can tell you, it’s going to take months before I am ready to commit to anyone again, but Adam gives me a hope at the end of a dark tunnel that there are nice guys out there.

Even being a complete ass to him…yes I cancelled on him officially for 4 different planned activities.  It comes partly because I’m single. If another fun event comes up with my girlfriends…I am not under pressure to go out with a guy.  I get to make my own schedule and if the guy fits in great.

Adam drove all the way up to go on a date and ended up having to help me handle so many random issues.  First off, my power accidentally got shut off. When I called they tried to come back during the day and they said there was a lock on the gate.  Well, FYI they must have jumped my fence to turn it off.

Adam called on my behalf to get them to come back out.  Then he stayed with me until 1 AM waiting for them to come. Unfortunately, they did not come until 2:15 AM.  He even offered a spare bedroom at his place.  I told him I’d survive at home.

Instead of a nice dinner at Eggspectation, we had to go to a quicker place just in case these guys came to turn the power back on. 

When we got back, we had nothing to do, so I made him take a 3 mile walk with me.  He got exhausted hahaha. 

After being bitten by a ton of bugs…I wanted to go inside, but I had to light candles. I am horrible with matches that I accidentally lit my finger on fire. Yep, I did. Adam had to end up taking care of my burnt finger too.

After all this, he got no kiss good night and yet the next day he texted me and said I’ll call you tonight.  I kept thinking in my head…sure. He did, I was the one who was out for dinner with a girlfriend and missed his call.

You never know where life leads I guess.

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