Closing chapters in your life are crucial to moving on. It’s the part of letting go, of not being angry, not being in pain, just accepting what has happen was meant to be and the next chapter of your life has bigger and better things in store.  Plus, I cried rivers over this man. I cried every day for nearly 3 months. Every date I went on, I’d put on a smile, but after I’d go to the car and cry, once during a date, and I’d cry when they would get attached and I had to end things. Crying takes so much energy, now I’m just content.

You never realize how many random things that you find many months after a break-up, but it’s understandable. I found one folder where I guess a while back, I moved a few of my favorite emails. Before I deleted the folder, I had to share this. You know when you are at peace when you can laugh when you find these.

We had a very honest relationship where we could access a lot of each other’s things, but I had to write this to apologize because he allowed me all access to his phone and I did not give him mine, so he was angry. I wrote him an entire Asian Package Warranty laying my flaws and promises. I sent this back in 2011, I totally forgot about this, but I have to say it’s pretty clever and I am proud of it.


Thank you for purchasing the Asian Package.  You will not regret your decision.  Our company strives to satisfy each and every customer, which is why we do not offer a return policy.  Once you buy her, you cannot imagine your life without her.

Asian Package Policy

As part of the Asian Package, all of the following pros and cons are listed for you.  No product is perfect, so as part of our policy, we tell you everything upfront, so you are aware that there may be a few items that you may think are glitches, but it actually makes the Asian Package more LOVEABLE.

1. Asian Recorder.  Ability to record and rewind to any conversation or moment instantly with a click of a button.  Beware: No erase feature available.
2.    Asian GPS.  Inability to guide you out of a paper bag.  Very inaccurate directions which includes moments of moodiness, hand gestures, high pitch-tones, and a lot of guessing.
3.    Asian Bot.  Can multi-task including cooking, cleaning, and other familiar duties.
4.    Crazian.  Title should explain it.
5.    Open Book Policy.  Promise to tell purchaser (Soheil Shahami) everything along with providing him with the password to her cell phone.
6.    Inquisitive Nature.  Aptitude to ask a million questions without breathing in-between.
7.    Financial Planner.  Wide knowledge of the financial industry including rates, stocks, and money investment.
8.    Deal Master.  Talent for saving money and finding great deals.  If you are paying retail price, the Asian Package can help you save at least 50% on selected products/services.
9.    Treasure Detector.  Can locate anything the purchaser (Soheil Shahami) misplaces including wallet, phone, and glasses.
10. Traveler.  Whether it is traveling to Utah or sitting in the living room. The Asian Package cannot sit still.
11. Networker.  Loves to meet people and people love the Asian persuasion.
12. Trustful.  Trusts the purchaser (Soheil Shahami) and never doubts it.
13. LOVE. Promises to LOVE the purchaser (Soheil Shahami) with all of her heart and would do anything to make him happy.
*Please checkmark the agreement button to register your product for a lifetime warranty :) happy
Since I am such a planner, it broke my heart not to be able to celebrate his 32nd birthday together because I had a whole plan. I was cleaning up my apps and went into my Notes app and found his birthday list that I had planned back in July and it just reminds me that I was a very good girlfriend and I will find someone else to make me want to be this sweet again. There were definitely happy moments that I will not forget, but the painful ending brought a lot of lessons, but what’s life without lessons. They are there as reminders to teach us how to be better in the next relationship, what redflags to see, and what love should truly be. A man who truly loves someone would never intentionally hurt or break their heart. Love is doing what it takes to protect, respect, and make them happy.

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Everything at this point is deleted, moved off my computer, or donated. I do not ever expect seeing him anywhere I am, thank goodness I never moved closer to him and can live separate lives. Some people keep people in their lives as a revolving door, but for me this chapter has officially closed with the payment of the check. My twin asked if I would ever take him back…First off, I don’t see that he wants to make it work because he would have done it from the beginning. Secondly, it would take a lot of power in the universe to make it happen because our paths are totally different, the point in our lives are different, and he would have to move mountains to prove that it is different, that he would never break my heart again. From my other post, what a broken heart feels like…Why would I want someone who hurt it this much, just to do it again?

The one thing I do have is a letter that I wrote everything I have felt…how much I did love him and how much it hurt. My hope that he does live a happy life, because he was my “almost lover,” which is now a very true song and the lyrics speak to everyone who has had their heart broken. It felt good writing it and emailing it to myself. I don’t know if I’ll ever send it. I hesitate from time to time…does he deserve to know how much he meant to me, how much I hurt. Most of the time, I lean towards no, but sometimes, yes.

I truly thank him for the memories, taking care of me so well, and also doing so many things for my car, house, and so much more including driving over in the middle of the night if I ever missed my family. At the time, I’m sure it was true, but he told me he was my family and it made me stop missing mine so badly. I thank him for bringing certain qualities out of me that I love such as not planning everything or worrying about being on time for everything. People say he never loved me, he stopped, I hear that he was not loyal, I don’t know the truth and I never will, , I at this point choose to believe that he did and he fell out of love with me and I choose to believe that our moments together were genuine.  It’s more peaceful this way.

At this point, it’s a clean slate. Everything is forgiven, but obviously not forgotten and if by a rare chance we meet each other, I can truly just say hi, I hope you are doing well and mean it. This will be the last official post to close out over two years together. It’s time to close that chapter and turn the next page.

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