Idalia and I were out at our usual spot on Wednesday night, O’Sullivans and it was so much fun.  We always get the $5 burger and fries.  We both get it medium rare with red onions, but I add cheddar cheese.  It is one of the best burgers and again only $5! 

After a great night of chatting and meeting people, Idalia and I drove back to her place and parked the car.  Our plan was to walk about 30 minutes before calling it a night, but life always figures out a way to ruin your plans. 

When I parked, I tried to pull the key out, but it was stuck.  Both Idalia and I tried to pull the key, move the shift, and wiggle the wheel, nothing.

So at that moment, we knew we needed a man, but since we were in that situation, we thought we might as well kill two birds with one stone.  We ask hot men to help us and that’s why we did not put on our emergency lights.

At first, we let a few men walk by.  Then Idalia wanted to go see if there were any hot police men around, so she went around the corner.  At that exact moment, 2 really good looking men that semi-fit her preference walked by, so I texted her.  She came back, but they were already gone.

She asked me why I did not ask them for help.  I told her I was alone and they could have killed me.

So we find a few boys to help and they were utter failures.

Here were the responses we got:

  •      The key is stuck. Duh, we know that
  •      Disconnect the battery and leave the car.  Again, you think we know how to do that?
  •      Call Triple A
  •      Call the dealership.  Thanks, its 11 PM.

Seriously, these men were useless.  So we drove back to the bar hoping the bartender can help us, but we it would haunt us. Idalia went in and just as she did, I was able to unlock the steering wheel and no one knew the better, but I just shake my head at the men.

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