What girl does not have a thing for bad boys?  I honestly never did…Utah men are totally clean cut and MBA men are even cleaner cut, but I appreciate the edge.

Kiran took me out to Vapianos and Jackson’s at the RTC. As we talked and got to know each other, he pretty much pegged me. He was like you don’t drink that much, you don’t smoke, you’ve never gotten in trouble, never done drugs, etc…

I beg to differ. I am a wild child… sort of…maybe…wanna be?
Here is our conversation:
K:            You my dear are in the presence of a real bad ass. He even had me touch a few of his scars. Not going to lie, it was not that impressive for me to be in the presence of a bad ass. He was cute, but scars are not that sexy to me.
Me:        I have smoked a few puffs of hookah and I’ve been kicked out of a club because my friends got in a fight.
K:            Whoa bad ass.
Me:        I can be a bad ass if I want to be.
K:            You all dressed in preppy clothes?  At age 27, please don’t try.
Me:        Fine, I’m an explorer then.
K:            Then I’m calling you the bad ass Dora the Explorer. 
Me:        Sure, I’ll take it!

His nickname for me is now Dora the Explorer.


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