Bajos del Toro

This is considered a secret waterfall…Bajos del Toro.

It is absolutely hidden and not so easy to find but the waterfall is beautiful.  When you drive there, the roads are terrible.  But of course, there is always time for a picture with a view.

But be prepared for a hard hike, you are literally hiking in the middle of the jungle. We are in fairly good health, but there were moments we wondered if we would be able to get back up the hill.

The place offers walking sticks…Take one.

It takes about 30-40 minutes to get down to the bottom of the waterfall. The signs are not clearly marked, so we were slightly afraid that we would be lost in the woods and who would find us.

After about halfway down, you see a bunch of stairs leading you down to the bottom.  But the only issue is that you take these stairs back up.  We called it the death stairs.

Our face when we finally saw the waterfall!

But it’s all worth it for the view of the amazing waterfall!

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