I ran across Barbie’s jewelry when I was visiting the famous Falling Waters House by Frank Lloyd Wright.  My friend and I fell in love with her jewelry, but especially my friend.  Barbie’s jewelry uses unique geometric shapes similar to what my friend calls “Picasso” jewelry.

We missed buying it at Falling Waters, so I reached out to Barbie to see if we can purchase it for my friend.  She sells them in locations throughout the United States, but there wasn’t one close to our location.  She was so nice to allow us to get one directly from her as well.

I was so excited to receive it in the mail and it was perfect.  Here is the one that we got.20160715_19572920160715_19524220160715_195603You can find where she sells her jewelry through her website.  Click here to look through her catalog.

Thanks Barbie for everything!

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