My lover Idalia came out with me on Saturday to Honda to help me look at my car. When she was looking for a car, she was looking at the BMW or a Spark because it was so cheap. I suggested that she look at the CRV, which she ended up buying.

She returned the favor by taking me to the guy that she feels is very honest about the pricing and spent 3 hours with me. Um…who is luckier than to have a friend like this?

The salesman was so funny, I really wanted silver CRV, but the model I wanted was out. He asked if he could make me colorblind by the price. I said, he can sure try.

As we sat there, Idalia and I talked about the dangers of wishing for something.  A few years ago, Idalia got hit by a car as a pedestrian. She was thrown across the parking lot and again, very unlucky. The guy just pulled out and hit her.

That morning she did not want to go to work and asked God to not let her go.  Well, her wish was surely granted, but that was not how she expected to be out of work for. She ended up having to be out for a while. Again, you ask and you shall receive.

Back in April maybe, I had the conversation that I wanted a CRV and maybe I should get it.  They were like no, your car has low miles, you don’t drive a lot and no payments.  I said, that’s true, but I think a CRV would be awesome.  I said, maybe when I’m rich I’ll buy one and I remember Idalia laughed and said, it’s not like a BMW. I was like…well the CRV is my dream, but I’ll wait to get it when I’m married and have kids because it’s the responsible thing to do.  Well, who knew that I would get my CRV sooner than later, but it was not in the terms and condition that I had hoped.

I got what I wanted, but through a total loss on my car. Idalia did not have to go to work, but she did not ask to be hit by a car. Lesson learned, be careful what you ask for.

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