Becoming a Nun May Not be the BEST Answer

Alright, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I can be a little dramatic at times. I think it comes from being passionate???

I would say 95% of the time, I am very rational and level-headed, but I can be extremely dramatic when I get into my 5% zone.

This is how behind I am, but about 2 months ago, I had my dramatic moment. After I threw a fit with G since he canceled a date, I told all my friends I was going to become a nun. I said I give up on the male species and I’m going to be a nun. And…All in all what I have to say was that I wasn’t looking to meet G let alone start liking him. Here is the story of how we met and what happened to cause me to be a little, just a little dramatic.

Poor Cepand had to calm me down, but his laughing “with me” technique did not help. Nor did it help that he used some of my own advice against me.  But all I have to say is that I am lucky to have someone as great as him to calm me down and put everything in perspective. He’s like an older brother, so I had to share his comments, he is hilarious.

1- His response to G rescheduling the date.


2-His response to me wanting to become a nun and locking myself out of the house


3- Of course, after being sad and locking myself out of the house with the mosquitoes, how could he not end the night with a sweet message to make me better?


Gary, Karen, Savoy, and Shari brought up about downfalls of my plan:

  • I can’t go swim with my whale sharks or dolphins
  • The wardrobe is boring
  • I would become boring and that’s no fun
  • I can’t girl talk with the girls anymore
  • No shopping sprees
  • I’m not Catholic
  • Karen just says “I can’t.”  She also says nun=none which equals a big issue.
  • Shari thinks I would suck because I would not follow any rules
  • Juju thinks I would unintentionally seduce the priest, so that would be a double-sin

Manish, Alyssa, and Moon thought it was hilarious, but they brought up a few more points:

  • Moon told me she would support me in whatever I do (Savoy said, no!)
  • Alyssa told me she would come to the convent with me. I got confused and said what? She said where the nuns live. I thought they lived in a nunnery, she said no honey it’s a convent. So that is a big issue if I don’t even know what I’m getting myself into.Alyssa
  • Manish just shakes his head and now it’s a joke. He asks me randomly how my journey to being a nun is going. I have now told him, I’m over that phase.  He thinks its funny that I think that’s an option and also that my biggest worry is if I can bedazzle the outfit.,mjl

So yes, even at the worst, becoming the nun is not the best answer in any situation.


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