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Bedtime Stories- The Dating Carousel Chronicles

fsdfMy best friends have asked me to write all my stories down from my dating adventures because they swear it only happens to me. As time goes by, I have started forgetting some of these and it wasn’t until I was with my girlfriends the other day and we were reminiscing about all my dates that they reminded me of a few and I said, “Oh yeah!” and just laughed.

I call these the dating carousel because it’s just a rotating carousel of men, but eventually it has to stop spinning or at least I pray so. In the real world, eventually the carousel stops or it breaks down, either way, I hope it stops soon.

I would like to preface this by saying; all these men in these stories somehow just appeared in my life and only 2 made it past 3 dates. That is the semi magic number. Most men get ignored after date #2.  C said he likes it that I make it so difficult for men to get me.


I guess I’ve just become really picky on what I want. Some of them the stories are so hilarious, that to remember them, I’m writing them down whether you like it or not.

I don’t lead them on, nor do I do anything with them that would lead to a relationship. Actually, I am probably one of the worst people to date because I don’t make space in my life for someone. My friends, traveling, gym, and work come first before anything. Many of them don’t even get a hand hold to think we are in a relationship.

Also every time I call a mancation…someone pops in my life.

My friend Debbie is always amazed at the stories because she thinks it’s crazy. She thinks I need to get tested for unbalanced pheromones. I think I should.

I will be the first to say, I’m not the prettiest one in the room, the thinnest, the most successful or the most scandalously dressed. Actually, I am very conservative in how I think, act, and dress. Most of my clothes are from New York and Company, Express, or Macy’s, actually all my clothes are. I only show a little more skin when I go out to a club.

So I think it must be some hormone imbalance. You can say personality beats looks all you want, but it’s not normal. And I’m not out of the world amazing and I’m not being humble. I didn’t invent the cure to some disease, build a school in Thailand, or solve world hunger. I’m just a nerdy, quirky, dork who falls, snores, loves pandas and Hello Kitty, nothing amazing here.

Debbie is working on figuring out where I can get tested. We definitely agree it is something in the phermones.

All my other friends just laugh and accept that this is how life, but it does make for great stories.

Mike (My best guy friend, no more, no less) just laughs. I told him, I just don’t get it. He says that I walk into a room and men swarm me like catnip, but he also says who wouldn’t because I’m awesome. He actually gets to witness some of these, including at an event we were at, so this is what he said to me and it always makes me blush.


You only get snipits, my girls get the full story and they just can’t stop laughing. Their favorite line is “I can’t.”

Sorry for the long intro, but I am a good girl and I will never change that, so I want to preface this by saying, I’m not a serial dater, I am the monogamous, pick one for life type, but for some reason I keep falling into these scenarios, but hopefully they make you giggle here and there.

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