Behind the Scenes of our Trips

People have always asked me how I take all these trips?  They have also wondered the following:

  1. How do we get such incredible pictures?
  2. How we do everything in the time span?
  3. How we afford it?
  4. And as Mitch says, how to look cute gallivanting through the world.

Here are a few secrets behind the scene of every picture you see:

  • Everything is planned on a giant Excel sheet. But I also plan a backup plan incase something goes wrong. A lot of work is done in the states to ensure a care free trip.
  • Research is done on IG and Pinterest for good picture spots.  Obviously, most of you know I have a great eye for pictures, but a little inspiration never hurts.
  • Our shoe-wear is limited. We used to pack several pairs of shoes to go with different outfits. Now we only pack 3 pairs.
    • 1-Sneakers which we spend 90% of our life in.
    • 2-In cold weather: flat boots and warmer weather: Sandals
    • 3-flip flops for the pool or water activities
  • Everything must fit in a backpack and a small carry on. The only time we break this rule is because we are on a trip more than 10 days. Why do we do This? No wait at baggage claim. We can hit the ground and go. No chance of losing our bags.
  • No over packing. In case any flight is changed or delayed, if you only have a carry on, they are more willing to let you switch flights. It allows you to be mobile. The less you have, the less you lose things. *I pack a duffel bag at the bottom in case we need it, but that is seldom.
  • We sacrifice for pictures. Normally we go off season, which means it is always cold. I don’t want people to think I only wore one shirt the whole time, so we hurry up and take our coats off for a quick picture and bundle up right after.
  • Sneakers and cute outfits happen all the time.  We have become the people who put comfort over fashion. So we just make sure to cut our feet in the pictures.
  • We hate people in our pictures. We will wait at a spot for 10 minutes to get a good picture.
  • We ask people to take our picture. But we are picky. The person should be tall because no matter way they angle down to help avoid the double chin. They must look like a tourist or a nice couple who will not run away with our phones. If we don’t get the right angle. We say thank you and ask again. Not everyone are photographers like us.
  • We sleep everywhere. Lisa is the queen, but I am a close second. Anytime we are going anywhere, we pass out in seconds. That way when we arrive, we are ready to go.
  • Food is optional. You will rarely see food pictures. We would rather see another site than eat. So many of our meals are takeaways.  At night depending on the time we end up at McDonald’s or even had to resort to getting a few things from a gas station.
  • No partying. Our main goal is to sight-see. We never even have a full glass of alcohol on a trip. If we do go “out” it is for 30 minutes to get pictures and then we go home.
  • Sharing is caring. We share tops to look like we have more outfits. But we make sure it is not the same top we wore in the picture before.
  • The word problem is never used.
  • Everything is a minor setback. We never get discouraged when something goes wrong.
  • Hotels only please. This is mainly because we can come and go as we please and there is always someone to help us with directions and tips.
  • No fear. We do so many different activities, we drive on the left side of the road in Caymans, we prance around the world doing everything we want. And even if we are slightly afraid, we still do it.

So now you know all of our dirty little secrets…


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