Ugh…being single. I’ve dedicated the last two years of my life to someone, how do I even begin to be single?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to really think about what I want to get my mind off of S. It’s hard. I have good days and bad days. Sometimes, I go throughout the whole day without a thought especially if work is busy and I have an event after work.

The most dangerous time is when I’m at home alone. I am not going to lie; I’ve had moments where I cry over something. The other day, I made the mistake of watching all our Cancun videos and I cried for about 30 minutes.

So I put together some goals to keep myself on track:

1. Exercise. My goal is 30 lbs
2. Crafting.
3. Blogging.
4. Networking. I used to do this so much and stopped, but my goal is to go to one or 2 events a week.
5. Volunteer (at least twice a month.) I started by signing up for the Michael J Fox Foundation.
6. Being kind to others. I have now made an extra effort to friend people in the neighborhood, follow-up with old friends, and make sure everyone is ok.

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