I used to coupon a lot back at home, but not so much in Virginia. So I started getting back into couponing because first off, it is worth the savings and you always want to beat your old record.

Well, S decided to venture with me during one of my shopping trips. We started with Harris Teeter because it was double coupon week…oh yeah!

We started going through the store picking out what I need. I am not an extreme couponer because I limit myself on what I need and I try to throw away all the junk food ones.

I go through the store looking through my coupons and even S started pulling items. He made me buy two fat free Philly cream cheeses because with the coupons they were $.50 each. He told me “I know my cream cheese prices and you cannot beat that.”

I laugh because this is our first experience and he is trying to be an expert. I always choose to go at an hour that is not so crowded. Couponing always comes with issues including the fact that on this trip, only one lane was open. So I had 30 coupons and of course the coupons require a manual override and a huge line starts forming. The people in line looked as they were going to kill me; one guy had to buy a bag of cups and asked if he could leave $5.

Then after what seemed like forever at the register, I finished my transaction. The lady had to yell out… “You saved $30.38.” I’m sure the crowd wanted to hear that, actually what I think they wanted to do was come after me with a pitchfork. Was it really neccessary for her to do that?

Well, I turn to look at S, he was already halfway to the door acting as if he did not know me! Isn’t that sad? He rushed to grab my bags, but then yelled run. He was so embarrassed that the couponing fiasco that he actually moved away from me. WTF!

I told S that he should be happy I’m saving money since it eventually will save his money. He looked at me and said, “Baby save all you want, but please do not make me come again.” I guess his couponing days are over before they really began. Only the few survive this crazy world of couponing.

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  1. Ha! That’s hilarious. Standard boy reaction. I sometimes stress out when my coupons cause delay but then I remember I’ll never see these people again so I don’t have to care! 😉 Besides, $30 in savings is excellent!

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