So y’all know I absolutely love making everyone of my friend’s birthdays extremely special with something. I might not always be able to do something crazy extravagant for everyone, but I always make sure to show the people I love in some way how special they are on their birthday and Christmas.

I told Savoy, it’s my only time to really thank people. I’m not good with my words; the way I show love is through my gifts and actions. My parents have known this trait about me since I was little.

But, everyone keeps asking me what I want to do to celebrate my last year in my 20’s.   Well, ironically, I don’t really do big birthday bashes and I will tell you why. There is a good reason; I’m not just being a Grinch.

First off, I swear every single time I want to do something big, something always goes wrong, which tells me there are so many signs that it’s not something I should partake in. Life has other plans…probably because overall I have it so good it cannot give me everything.

Then when I or another friend decides to plan something, there are always a few people you think are your really good friends, the ones who you have been there through thick and thin, dropped everything at a drop of a hat when they need something, or to pick something up for them even if it’s out of the way who end up disappointing me. And for me being the loyal and dedicated friend I am, it really devastates me when that happens. I would say it happens only once in a blue moon, but once it does, it’s just hurtful. It’s the friends who on your birthday can’t set aside their own life to spend an hour to celebrate it because even your birthday has to be on their terms.

For my 21st birthday, I went to my first Piano Bar to celebrate and there was a snowstorm, so only a few people could come out. We ended the night at 10 PM, went home with my girlfriends and watched a movie. I did not even have a sip of alcohol.

At 25, I was having a quarter-life crisis; this was a huge crisis actually. It was the year, I decided I needed to explore outside of Utah before I settled down. I decided to travel more, break up with the person I was dating, and pack my bags to move to DC. Well, Aline helped me put together a huge bash. I remember Sanam and I had just had an epic New Years in Vegas and right before my birthday, I came down with 104 Degree fever. We had to cancel everything and I think close to 100 people were coming out that night. #birthdayfail

When I was 27, it was the first birthday with the person I was dating at that time. That morning we got in a fight over something. He found a message on my phone saying I wasn’t 100% happy with the restaurant he picked for my b-day. He said he’s not coming and to have fun with my friends. Well, sadly, because I was planning on dinner with him, all my friends made other plans because I told them to. That night, I sat there and cried because who wants to be alone on their birthday. He decided to show up at 10 PM with a cake and Kindle, but still…It was just a horrible birthday. To buy a new birthday dress and spend all night crying is not the best way to start your mid-twenties.

Then last year on my 28th birthday, I got in the car accident just about a week before my birthday a reckless driver totaled my car. I was trying to deal with the insurance, get to the doctors, my x-rays, and my parents come into town, I honestly forgot about my birthday. My poor parents were so worried about me that they flew into DC and trust me the HATE it here. Even injured, I hobbled around the house to clean the place up because it would have been so rude to have them come to a messy home.

On my bday, I was at urgent care for 3 hours because all of my bruises were rainbow colors, well more like black, blue, and yellow and spreading each day from my hip to my feet, so my parents were so worried.

I ended up having a very quiet birthday with my parents and my best friend, Sanam’s family. I did appreciate it being just us because Sanam was the person who picked me up after the accident from the hospital and she was the person who made sure to feed me daily like her little pet.

So you see the pattern, it’s just that every year something happens, this is why I give up on big gathering or big events around my birthday. Its not in my cards.

It means the world to me if you remember and I really don’t need anything. And as for gifts, people keep asking what I want. I pretty much have everything, so A) Simply a happy birthday B) Good vibes for good health in 2015 C) If you really want to get me something, I’m starting a super healthy diet/lifestyle change in 2015 because I need to lose weight to help with the knee pain, so Costco/Harris Teeter/Safeway gift cards. I know it’s so lame, but literally I have every tangible thing I want and intangible as well aka my amazing friends and family.

Now you know the story of why I’m a birthday Grinch, but only for myself.

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