Brandy’s 8 Tips to Survive the Streets of Baltimore

After spending the morning with Momo, I met up with my friend Brandy who moved up there for school.  She further educated me about the dangers of “Bmore.”

I parked on a road that looked nice and met up with Brandy.  I was telling her about my adventure and she told me how she got attacked. I asked where, she said right along that street.  I said the street I parked at?  She said yes, but said it’s fine don’t move your car, “I’ve got street cred.”

Here are Brandy’s tips to stay safe in Baltimore:
  1. Hide all your items except your keys when you walk outside.  Make sure you put the rest of your stuff in your pockets, sock, hair, wherever it can fit.
  2. Carry an old flip phone.  If someone tries to rob you and sees you with that, they know you don’t have any money.
  3. Always have a few dollar bills, so you can say that’s all you have.  They don’t need to know your $10 are tucked inside your sock, bra, underwear, or wherever you like to hide your cash.  If you get robbed take those “dummy dollars” as she calls them and throw it as far as you can and they will scatter.
  4. Don’t leave any papers in your car.  They think the junk mail you left in your car has credit cards, checks, and money in it.
  5. Carry police grade mace. Where do you get police grade mace?  You can’t, so carry the generic kind and pray for the best.
  6. Have low deductible insurance.  That’s the only thing Brandy kept repeating to me.
  7. MLK Streets=Danger.  I happen to be parked right by MLK Street without knowing, Brandy said anytime you see MLK Street in any city, it means it is one of the most dangerous roads.  She laughed and said, oh right I highly doubt there is an MLK Street where you grew up.
  8. And most importantly…Have “Street Cred.”  After being attacked, Brandy is very proud that she has street cred and guarantees that we will be safe with her.

Thank you Brandy for teaching me a few tricks to survive in Baltimore.





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