My bestie Mike gave me a great book on dating. I swear I have broken every taboo dating rule that someone can do on a first date and yet…The guys still come back.  This is bizarre to me.

 In the past few weeks, I have made the following mistakes or all of them on all my dates:

  • Never pick up the phone until the day before the date.
  • Text a guy back after 2 days he texts me.
  • Even after 3 dates with poor Eric, I have never kissed any of the men.  I am just not ready.  I know everyone says you need a good non-committed make-out to get you over things; I just cannot do it yet.
  • Talked about my past relationship part of the time.
  • Asked them directly what they are looking for from us.
  • Tell them I just got out of a long relationship and not completely over him yet.
  • Told them I’m not looking for anything but just to date. I want to date again, meet different people and see if there is someone who fits me better than I believed S did.

I guess we’ll see where things go from here.  It’s going to be a very interesting path; I’m sure with lots of stories after I figure out how to date as I try to find a guy who was as good of a guy as Soheil was.  Like I’ve said, I’m not sure what happened at the end, but I remember the guy I dated the first year.  The one that adored me, drove to me at any hour of the night to see me, and took care of me.  The most important part…He always made me laugh.  There was never a dull moment where he wasn’t doing something funny.

I know I will find that person who is a better match, but he does have high standards to live up to as well.  At least I’m realistic that it will take time as well.

Cheers to a new chapter of my life and more entertaining stories for all you readers.

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