Alyssa and I have known each other for forever and a day. We decided about 2 months ago we are going to travel somewhere once a month.

This month it was Cape Cod. In 2 days, I visited Rhode island, Massachusetts, and Alyssa’s new home in Vernon, Connecticut.

Our old childhood friend, Caity met us there too.  We had a great time and it went by way too fast.

Heavenly cafe… I have hardly advised against a restaurant, but I would certainly advise against this one. First off, none of the employees take ownership in anything. We came in and had to ask if we should seat ourselves. After we sat down… No one came to ask for a drink or take our orders for close to 15 to 20 minutes. We had to grab someone’s attention to remind them of that. After that it took nearly 30 minutes to get 3 omelette and again we had to grab someone’s attention to do so. When I say grab…I literally mean grab. All the employees would avoid coming over when you tried to make eye contact or tell us they will be back in a minute. Even when we asked about our order the waitress told us they were making it right now… FYI the place was not busy.

I think Caity got a little scared. Alyssa knows I expect good customer service because I am used to it in Salt Lake and even in DC, they are known for bad customer service, but most places I have been are great. My smile definitely turned upside down when I heard they were “just” making our food after putting the order in 30 minutes before.

Just avoid this place, the food and service would be much better spent at a Denny’s or McDonald’s for a cheaper price.

Retro burger and ice cream This place was very random and small, but after a beach day the only thing to complete it would be to have ice creammmmm!

This place had an awesome ice cream selection and the customer line was very steady. Alyssa and Caity had the cherry dipped cone and I had 3 scoops of ice cream.

Duh the sun burned off my calories right? I had cake batter, pistachio and coffee. Every bite was delicious.

The price was reasonable, the staff was friendly, and ice cream is highly recommended. The beach…we went to Craigville beach. It was so nice and not too crowded, but I personally would not recommend swimming.  The water is murky and there have been shark sightings there.

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