Cappadocia: Ceramic Shop, Onyx Factory, and Turkish Nights

Onyx factory

There is a special gem found only in Turkey that changes 13 different colors based on the lighting.  It is called Zultanite. You can get it throughout Turkey, but the supposedly, Cappadocia is the only place where it can change 13 colors.  You have to make sure to negotiate on the price.  I bought my mom, sisters, and I each one of the gems.


We stopped at the onyx factory.  Here we watched a demo of someone turning a piece of raw onyx into a polished onyx.

Guray Muze Underground Ceramic Shop

Guray Muze is an underground museum.  There was a demonstration of a pottery making.

Turkish Folk and Belly Dance Show

I loved this show.  Not only did we get dinner, unlimited drinks, but a great show with all different types of dancing.  Normally there are up to 500 people at a time at the show, but we were lucky that there was only about 150.20160225_124808

We could not get WiFi signal well unless you stood by the door. As Lisa was over at the corner, I caught one of the waiters hitting on her.


Whirling Dervishes

We were not allowed to take pictures of this, but the dancers twirl around for hours in a trace. They believe that it brings them closer to God.  They only did it for about 10 minutes.IMG_20160225_131528

Belly Dancing

I loved watching the belly dancer. She was very good and the best part was that she pulled men from the audience to try to mimic her moves. It was absolutely my favorite part.

Traditional Turkish Dance

They did several traditional dances, including one typically done during a wedding where the groom has to impress the bride to say yes.  Throughout the show, they pulled audience members to participate.



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