Growing up in Utah, people are so nice and not as nuts as people here on the east coast.  If people in Utah panicked as much as people here for each snow storm, everyday would be utter chaos.

For the snow storm that hit in early February, I was heading to Harris Teeter for food and bottled water.  I live in the suburbs, so parking space is not that much of an issue. This awesome character here decided that there was no time to park in a legitimate spot.  I’m not sure if it was a guy or girl, but they decided to jump the curb and park right in front of the store and abandon their car.

Again, let me reiterate that the snow had not started to fall, there was plenty of parking, and the check-out line was a 5 minute wait at most.  This is what I call an asshole.


During the last big snow storm a few weeks ago, I was headed back to Harris Teeter for some groceries.  There wasn’t that many people in the store, not even a line at the self-checkout.  I was just picking up a few things to make soup.

But it was raining, so all the carts were wet. So I spent a few minutes drying off my cart.  After I finished in the produce section, I always wander to the sale section in the store to see what type of interesting things they have. I found some Hello Kitty Pez dispensers for sale.  I grabbed one for Sanam, who LOVES Hello Kitty as much as me.  I grabbed one for Diane and another for Maggie, who just went through a break-up.  Hello Kitty makes everything better including a broken heart.

Sanam has a Hello Kitty Necklace, phone charger, and keychain just to name a few things.  I have a lot of Hello Kitty things as well including underwear haha.  Maggie has Hello Kitty soap dispensers at home, between all of us; we could have a household filled with all things Hello Kitty.

Well, I turn around and someone took my shopping cart.   I could not find who took my cart, but seriously?  Someone just thought…Hey look there is a dry cart, I don’t want to have to dry it off, so I’ll take hers.

Yep. So I had to go back and shop for everything again.  Next time you freak out over a snowstorm…please think twice before stealing someone’s cart.  Thank goodness I did not have the Hello Kitty Pez’s stolen or else I would have been very angry.

Hello Kitty

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