Over the past few months, people keep asking me what products I use for my make-up routine. Yashita, Thu, and Sarah to name a few always wonder how my make-up always looks flawless.

I would love to give all the credits to my Mom and Dad for giving birth to a natural beauty, but that would be a lie. We got good genes, but not that good!

A little make-up can make a world of difference.



Foundation and Powder:

I have oily skin, so I have tried so many different types of brands including Estee Lauder, Clinique, Hello Flawless, Bare Minerals, and the list goes on. For my skin, the best brand has been Tarte.

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation- Click here.


  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation- Click here.


Foundation Brush:
My youngest sister is super hardcore into make-up. You think I am, her obsession is much worst than me.

She gave me the EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush to use and I testify it is a miracle worker! It’s a key tool to get your flawless look.


It is about $6. You can get it on Amazon. It is extremely useful and it helps give the perfectly smooth look.

I took Thu on a little testing spree one day and gave her my tips to find the perfect foundation and powder:

Here is the result: Left side: Bare Minerals Right Side: Tarte


  •  Sephora and Ulta is your best friend. Before buying anything, test out different products. Each brand and line has a different reaction with each person’s skin. Just because one works for me, does not mean it will work for you.
  • Make sure to test the color on the jawline and T-Spots. The color on your forehead, check is different from what your jaw line is. The perfect match blends in so well, you cannot tell any difference from the face to the neck.
  • If you are undecided between two different brands, do half your face with each brand and see how it affects you through the day. I would recommend not doing this test if you have a date that night.
  • Never get too excited and buy. If you try something and it looks like a great fit, don’t buy it yet. Wear it through the day to see how it reacts with your skin, if it fades, makes you oily, etc… If you like it, go back the next day.
  • Picture test! Always take a picture with your make-up, that’s how you know if you look good.


  • Cheek Pop by Clinique is a must. I love the Plum Pop color. It gives the cheeks just the right amount of rosiness. *If you ever look tired, a few strokes of blush and you look like a new woman!



Tinted Brow Gel:
Darkening your eyebrows can change the entire look of your face.

My favorite is the Anastasia Beverly Hill Tinted Brow Gel. It is easy to apply and just the perfect shade to darken your eyebrows for a more defined look.



My favorite color set by far is by Urban Decay. It’s the “Naked” line. I must say, for eyes, they really are one of the best. I love the color palette.

  • Urban Decay- Naked 3
    This one has more rose colored tones for a sweet and innocent look.


  • Urban Decay- Naked 2
    This is an earth tone kit. It has enough colors that you can lighten it for an everyday look and then do a shadow at night using the darker shades.



I have found brands that I would swear by. I avoid liquid eyeliner because A- It is hard to control B-It never comes out even C-It smudges a lot.





I am a big advocate of the “Chubby Stick” line by Clinique.

I literally have every color. They are easy to apply, moisturizes, and it stays on long!

I love Broadest Berry for winter and Plushest Punch for everyday wear.


Now you know my make-up routine! If you want more tips or for me to give you a mini-makeover or want to know more tricks, let me know!

I did a quick makeover with Hasty on the cruise and she loved it.  FYI- We had very limited make-up selection on the cruise as well.  This is a very natural look…unlike me, she does not want to be super dramatic with her make-up, but you can see a little bit goes a long ways.


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