Alejandro had asked about this when Karen’s column first started.  I didn’t forget about this, but put it on hold for little bit until I got a few good life examples.

Dating in the workplace is generally considered taboo by most people, especially when it starts affecting your work performance or worst off, you bring the drama to the workplace.

Karen’s advice is to avoid dating someone at your work unless you are able to be cordial if you break-up.  But most people cannot separate work from their personal lives and there is nothing wrong with that, we are all humans.  But if you choose to date someone and things don’t end on the best of terms, can you see that person every day after and be civil?  Can you refrain from trying to talk about why he/she broke up to your peers?

Karen and I give this a double-thumbs down.

Of course, there are a few success stories.  But I know far more horror stories than success stories.

Back at my old job, there were two people who had a romance. Unfortunately, due to religious differences, they could not be together.  It was a dramatic ending, where the girl decided it broke her heart too much to see him every day at work.  She had a meltdown, cried on the floor in a fetal position, and packed up her desk that day.

At my current job, there is a tumultuous romance going on, which all started with my single female co-worker making hunting men her hobby.  Their fling started at the holiday work party.  Free drinks, free food, and a late night turned into a hook-up and continued after.

What she didn’t know was that, her fling had an ex-fiance overseas that he is still in love with.  She also didn’t know that he would treat her like trash and continuously call her for a booty call, but hopes of a real date soon faded.

Their fling soon turned into immense anger and she bashed his character throughout our floor.  Our team had to essentially play body-guard, but she wanted to see him. She said he was like a drug.  One moment she hated him and wanted to slap him in front of everyone and the next, she wanted a scandalous encounter in the elevator.

Over the past 8 months, we have had to listen to all her issues and every other week she says “I can’t believe he broke up with me.”  Sipping our tea, all of us are sick of this and have deemed it unprofessional and how do you break up with someone who is not in a relationship.

Even if the next Ryan Gosling walks down your hallway at work, unless you can still work together if things don’t work out….Dating in the workplace is not the best idea.

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