The mentality of people in DC is not like it is in Utah. People do not just drop by or call to hang out that night. You have to make plans in advance if you want to see people and sometimes, it may be 2 to 3 weeks out.

Thank goodness, I have never felt like I have not had friends out here. I’ve made a good group of friends and I have about a visitor from Utah come every month or so. It’s wonderful because it feels like I left Utah without really leaving Utah.  Again, I do not know what I’ve done to deserve my amazing friends, but each and every one of them are the most loving and wonderful people.  I would not be the person I am today without their love, support, and advice through all ups and downs of my life.

For those who visit, they love it because I have everything planned.  Since I’m at work most of the time, I have made an excel sheet with metro stops, recommended sights and restaurants.  I know it’s nerdy, but they are my guests and I have to make sure they all leave happy.

Here is my excel sheet.  When you come, I’ll adjust it based on your wishes…DC Tour Guide

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