A friend of mine and I were talking and we realized, I have a 3 date rule. If I don’t feel it after 3 dates, you’ll never make it to a 4thI decided that’s true.  I officially have cut off the last man in my life, other than the random texts from guys that I can ignore.  I am going to become a bear and hibernate in the winter at my house, work, and the gym. 

Every time I go out, I get in trouble. I told Shari this and she said she refuses to let me be a hermit, but that may not be so bad for the first time in my life, just to take a break for a few months.  She said I am too much of a people person, but that’s the problem. I can’t just make friends, every guy I meets wants something more.

Arash was such a nice guy, if I was to put a checklist, 90% of the boxes would be checked, but he was so romantic that he never made me laugh. We were supposed to have our 4th date on Sunday but Sanam texted me to go the gym, I said yes immediately and that’s when I knew it was not fair. If I would rather go to the gym with my bestie than a date with him it was best not to keep going.

So…I had to cut it off…cold turkey. Lisa thinks that the text was the best way, Shari thinks in person, Nammie thinks I should have just ignored. Idk what way would have been best…First off we had only been on a handful of dates, so did I owe him a face to face? I thought text was the best because was it worth it for him to drive from Rockville to Ashburn, dinner, movie, and then for me to say sorry I just do not feel the same way?

Yeah I could have kept him around for Christmas, my birthday, and Valentines, but it is not fair to play with someone’s heart. Arash was so nice but not only was the spark not there. Plus, he did not approve of my obsession with coffee. That is a necessity in my life…it is my team’s daily ritual. Do not take that away from me. Ok that is legitimately a dumb reason…but who would I sit at Starbucks with on the weekends?

Anyways…good thing I never tell any man I meet where I work, exactly where I live…trick is to have them meet u somewhere or my last name because I could see him being one of those men sitting with roses at my work. I thought my explanation clearly states that I cannot commit. Yes, I was crazy enough to beg for S for another chance after we ended, but we were officially together for over 2 years. Idk how Arash can fall so hard and so quick. Every few days I get a text that he will do anything to see me.

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