Do it yourself projects are the hot new topics. Everyone wants to become the next Martha Stewart. I do not consider myself super crafty, but I have done a lot of do it yourself stuff, especially for the house.

When S has to study, he takes me to get crafting stuff to keep me quiet.

I have succeeded and I have failed. So here are my lessons to make your life easier.

  1. Pick a simple project. I did these flowers as my center piece and it was super easy. I bought glass vases on sale from Michaels. Then I just bought one bag of moss and some orchids from Bed and Bath. You may wonder why I chose red and purple…well they were one sale. I was able get giant orchid branches for $2 and they actually tied in very nice with my entire decor. I just cut and placed it in the vase and viola…centerpieces for under $4 apiece. *FYI- If you sign up with your email address at Michaels, you get 20% off your purchase.
  2. Do not over decorate. I tend to over glitter stuff. I cannot help it…I love sparkle. Anyways…when I over sparkle things…it ends up being more work and it looks cheap. Simplicity actually makes things very elegant.
  3.  Set a budget. It’s so easy to go into a craft store and buy a bunch of stuff. When I made all the Christmas wreaths and totally over bought. It was so embarrassing to return like 70 items.
  4. Use a good craft site.  My favorite is Pinterest.

You can save so much by doing things yourself.  I made a lot of these for my co-workers since Federal employees are limited to $10 gifts.  I also made one for Soheil’s mom.  I made 20 wreaths; I paid $3.50 each by the time I took all the decoration into consideration.  See very affordable and classy gift in a few minutes.

The only thing you need to be careful about is not burning yourself with hot glue gun.  I did that multiple times.


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