Do Date a Girl that Travels- As revamped for Thought Catalog

srerMany of my friends have encouraged me to write professionally because I can make people laugh, but I always preface this by saying I was not an English major and writing is not my forte. This is not my day job, nor can I even call it my side job.

I started my blog to update people on my life and it’s grown from there. Since most of the blog is geared towards my experiences so that my friends can follow along with my adventures, I post when I can. Most of the time, I write my posts on the bus ride home. If it’s not grammatically correct or beautifully formatted, I’m not picky about it.

But one day Lisa said, please submit your stuff and I did. I re-edited my article and submitted it. I did not expect my first time submitting to be chosen, but I was and could not be happier and could not imagine getting over 9.8K shares.

I had to send my friend the link who works in social media and say, are you sure it’s not 980 shares?  He was like, no it is 9,800 shares and well deserved!

I was talking to my friend Josh who owns his own social media company and he was telling me how awesome it was to be published. He said, 9.8K is incredible for a first time article. He said to think about how much content is on the Internet and how many articles get just 1 or 2 shares. This is why I love my buddy, he is always encouraging me.

And yes, I used a pen name and I have sunglasses in my picture, but if you need proof, the article talks about a whale shark. Who else talks about whale sharks like me? Here is the link to my article.


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