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Dude, where’s my car?

I went out to RTC for dinner and Khan was such a gentleman. The first time we were supposed to go out, he drove from Rockville to RTC, but did not confirm he was coming.  So I ended up spending the evening with my best friend Sanam instead.  He was waiting there for me, went back home, but he insisted to come back out.

First off, I was late for our date. I guess that is not unusual since for S and my first date, I showed up 2 ½ hours late L

So for all those that know me, directions are not my strength. There are about 4 parking lots in the RTC. I could not remember which one I parked at.  So my date ended up walking about 1 hour through all the different parking lots before finding my car.  Also, I did not remember which entrance I came in either.  Yep…he walked me all over RTC to find my car.

Even after this mess. He texted me after saying we need to do something again soon.  I never thought I would hear from him again. Let me say, I give the greatest first date impressions.  No direction skills at all.

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