Friendship Gratitude- Pallav

This spurred from a late night conversation with Pallav.  As we sat there at the bar, chatting about our lives and all the moving parts, we shared all the struggles we have faced as well.

It’s very rare that you find a connection where both of you are so open and raw with everything in your life.  We shared our love of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, some of our own real life Bollywood inspired romances, and just where we believe our lives should go next. I said everything happens for a reason.

We sat there laughing at how every bad bump in the road has eventually turned out to be for the best.

Maybe it was the fact that it was after midnight, but Pallav said something that stuck with me…”Nothing in life is permanent.”

And it’s true, life is always evolving and changing.  The moment you get comfortable, something else happens that takes you down a different path.  It makes you think, why aren’t things meant to be permanent even the good things?

Many of you have followed me in some way through all my ups and obviously my downs.  I asked why life cannot be permanent, especially the good parts? Why can’t all your good moments stay forever and as I pondered I realized it would be detrimental if it was and here is why:

  • Permanency stops growth.  This is the simple question of reaching for the stars or picking the low hanging fruit.  If you know something will always be there, you never strive for more.
  • Life gives you lessons.  Everything that happens has a lesson.  You may not see the lesson at first, but later on I’ve found you’ll always see it turned out for the best.
  • New adventures.  Some things happen to give you a chance to start over.
  • God pushes your limits.  Have you heard the quote, “God only gives you as much as you can handle,” well it’s true in some ways.  I mean, I really wish God would stop giving me more to handle because I’m at capacity.
  • Stars cannot shine without darkness.  If nothing ever happened, we wouldn’t have anything to compare it too. This saying really resonates with me because it’s true, you have to see both the good and the bad.
  • You learn humility and appreciation.  Change is there to make us reflect, to learn humility when we fail and appreciate the things that did go right.

I have learned through my own experiences and the through the stories of others. No matter where you are in life and whatever you are going through, it’s not permanent.  Your life is full of ups and downs, but nothing will ever stay the same.

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