Favorite Moments in Turkey

Every trip is very special and as we continue our travels, I want to remember as much as we can.

Here are a list of my top moments:

  • On our first night of arrival, our tour guides took us to Istiklal Street.  We got dropped off and the driver was meeting us on the street. When we ran into him, he said hi to me and Lisa immediately said, “Oh no here we go again.”  They are starting to hit on you, I laughed and said that’s part of our tour guide.  This is our guide.12716038_1685525621691213_2929202827989649400_o
  • I have seen these pictures all over Pinterest and I wanted Lisa to recreate these pictures with me in our “Follow Me” shirts.  Lisa told me people usually do it with their boyfriends, so we shouldn’t or people will really think we are lovers.397


  • I can’t help but laugh that Lisa can sleep anywhere.197Snapchat-3819983385251705838190189
  • One morning we had a 6 AM flight and we were at the security line.  Lisa saw a very handsome and well-dressed Turkish man rushing through security.  She turned to me and said, if he looks that good at 6 AM, think how good he looks and paused and said 2 PM?
  • Taking pictures of each other without knowing, we are good at ninja pics.


  • Seriously, spotting the biggest selfie stick ever.
  • Matching outfits!  That is our new tradition now.182186
  • Lisa took a secret picture of the McDonald’s worker to show how hot the men are, even at McDonald’s. IMG_4481
  • Here is my secret picture.196
  • Lisa pretending to drink coffee.IMG_2964
  • Getting seats in the first row on a plane.  One step closer to the first class baby!IMG_4523
  • Lisa was entranced with Turkish soap operas.20160301_142805
  • Lisa slipping in Pumakkale and before caring about if she was injured, the first thing she did was tell me to save her phone.


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