For everyone who has broken up…aren’t you sick of hearing the same thing…

  • You’ll find someone better
  • There is a better match for you
  • Mr. Right will come when you least expect it
  • The pain will heal with time
  • Eventually you’ll forget S

So every girl talks about Mr. Right. I don’t know if there is only one Mr. Right. I do think that chemistry is definitely a factor, but also having the same goals and dreams in life.

It took me a while to figure this out, but S and I are on completely different paths and timing, but that did not mean that we did not have a great two years with so many memories.  Costco without him is a weird experience. That man was just so unique.  We were a great couple, just not the right timing, experience or goals.  I was his first girlfriend and he was so different than the men I used to date, so mistakes were made on both ends.

Make sure to find someone on the same path as you.  It makes things so much easier.

Here are a few things we saw differently; he wanted to live his life before marriage. I on the other hand believe in marriage and then creating a life together with many adventures.  Also, if you have never dated anyone, you’ll never know how good you had it.  I’d rather date someone with many girlfriends the next time I pick someone.

They say that every person comes into our life for a reason.  S and I definitely had a reason to cross paths.  I truly do believe it was not by accident that he crossed my path.  When a relationship ends, some people get bitter, others get angry, for me, you have to see it as a life lesson. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Why I have been changed for the better?

  1. Every man I dated before was extremely ambitious and powerful to a fault.  Those types of men will never make you their number one priority, plus you are expected to be a trophy wife.  I want to date another man with many of the qualities that S had given me (Humor, kindness, spontaneity, etc…)
  2. A man will drive the distance to be with you. If you are his, he’ll make the effort.  S drove to my house at least 2-3 times a week for two years.
  3. Realized how important a sense of humor is.  As I’ve been going out on the dates, before I met S, I would have said, “Wow this guy is great.”  Now, if they don’t make me laugh, I can’t even go on a second date.
  4. Be an adventurer.  One of the things that I loved about S was that he would do anything I wanted to do.  I have asked each of my dates so far if they would swim with a whale shark.  99% said no. They have all been axed.  I need a man who will do something out of their comfort zone.
  5. I would date a guy based on a checklist. S was not even close to everything on my checklist, but yet, he made me the happiest.
  6. Looks used to matter. Now, going forward, personality trumps all.
  7. Learning not to control every situation. Just living life as things happen
  8. Learning not to care.  I spent so much time trying to care about making S so happy, I forgot what made me happy. I love to network, meet people, volunteer, and going out with my friends.


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